Signs That Tell You You’re With The Man Of Your Dreams

Signs That Tell You You’re With The Man Of Your Dreams

You are crazy in love with a man and you think he is the ‘one’. He is smart, witty, intelligent, and supportive, but wait; that is what you felt the last time, too, and ended up disappointed. So how do you know it’s different this time? How do you know he is the man you’ve been waiting for for so long? 

Signs That Tell You You're With The Man Of Your Dreams

The desire for the perfect soulmate is always at the forefront of people’s minds, whether one admits it or not. Here are a few signs that will tell you he’s really the ‘one’.

You know he is the one…

1.     If you can confess even your darkest secrets to him and still feel protected. He never judges or belittles you based on those incidents.

2.     When he lets you vent your heart out, your anger and frustration. Sometimes you don’t need pieces of advice but a person who just listens patiently without getting irritated.

3.     He genuinely cares about your friends. You friends have been there in the difficult times when he was not around, and he respects that. He may even suggest you go and hang out with a friend you haven’t met for a while or is having some trouble. 

4.     He wants to please you. He willingly does small but meaningful things for you, just to make you smile.

5.     You want him to get the best version of yourself when he is around. He gets to surface the better person in you when you are struggling or angry. No matter how mad you are, he knows how to instil peace in you. 

6.     He encourages you to pursue your dreams, no matter how big or crazy they are, and does/will do everything in his capacity to support you on your way. 

7.     No matter how long you two haven’t seen each other, when you meet there are no glitches. In fact, it feels better than the last time you met. He, and you, too, find some time to make a quick call or message whenever possible. 

8.     He never makes you feel bad about yourself. He is always the person who gives you that boost of confidence every now and then. And even if he wants to point something out, he will find a better way to say it and even offer a solution, in some cases.

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