10 Marriage Proposal Ideas

10 Marriage Proposal Ideas

Marriage ProposalLove always needs expression, especially when it comes    to asking someone to be with you forever. From myth to folks, from movies to plays, we have been supplied with ample resources of marriage proposal ideas. The “YES I WILL” moment is very important one for both of the partners.

Unlike west, where every kind of marriage is a love marriage, Indian society is also on the verge of transformation. Love marriages are becoming quite common as parents have become flexible enough to understand the fact that the two should understand each other well. Proposing for the girl by the conventional ways is replaced by many new creative marriage proposal ideas. There are two things women dream about since they were little girls is the wedding and the wedding proposals.

Coming up with marriage proposal ideas, for most men is the most nerve-wrecking job. There is no phrase in the English language, which is more rehearsed than the line “WILL YOU MARRY ME”. But now days with the changing time people have discovered many creative marriage proposal ideas. Usuallymen get more stuck on marriage proposal ideas and sometimes they end upin making the most unique and memorable one but sometimes not very special.

Here are 10 very spontaneous and thrilling marriage proposal ideas:

1. This is a great simple as well as romantic marriage proposal idea, especially if you want something very private and in comfort of your own home. Inviting her foran intimate surprise dinner at home and Play your favorite song for her and cook her favorite dish.

2. Another exciting marriage proposal idea is Sky-writing. It is an old fashioned and romantic way to propose. You can both have an intimate and private marriage proposal, while still proclaiming your love to the world. Another alternative is to get a plane to fly a banner with “WILL YOU MARRY ME”.    

3. One of the 10 marriage proposal idea is to plan a surprise trip using blindfolds and circuitous routes. When you get your destination than pop up the question very innocently to impress your lover.

4. Most Movie theaters in India have repeating advertising slides before the previews that can be purchased. Write her name up in the light and be sure to get early enough. This is a one of the very few marriage proposal idea that the young girls would like.    

5. There are many other creative marriage proposal ideas, one of which are to a buy box of chocolates for your sweetheart and replace a chocolate with the ring. When she opens it get down on one knee to finish the job and this is the best marriage proposal idea.                                 

6. The more the marriage proposal idea is unique and heart touching the more it would be memorable for the rest of their life. Take your lover to the exact place where you met her the very first time. Reminisce a little and then say something like we have had an amazing journey together so far, and now I think we’re ready to take the next step in that journey I am hoping you will do me the honor of marrying me.                                            

7. Giving a surprise is one the best marriage proposal idea that women usually like making them feel the most important is a very simple way. Taking her to a place especially a public placewhere you have already planned to cover the path with petals of roses and then specially reserved candle light dinner.

8. There are traditional marriage proposal ideas as well. If you are 99 percent sure that she feels the same for you so make the proposal before her family.

9. Another very common but a bit heavy on budget marriage proposal idea  is to give her a beautiful diamond ring in a beautifully wrapped box as diamonds are women’s best friend.    

10. Among one of the very sweet but simple marriage proposal idea is to place sweet , intimate notes around her surrounding in her absence seeking help from one of your close friends. In each spot write something you love about her and where to find the next note. In the last note tell her the reasons for choosing her as your life partner.

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