How to Deal with a Dominating Partner

How to Deal with a Dominating Partner

Deal with Dominating PartnerIf you are married or in a relationship and feel that the person you love, that one person who is yours for the rest of your life is making your life a living hell by dominating you like crazy can be so torturous and infuriating.

 You cannot always be the doormat in his or her life. The concept that only men dominate their women is completely wrong. Women can be really annoying for men when it comes to becoming a dominating partner too.

The first thing when the warning bells begin to ring in your life is when you actually star to feel that the other person is controlling and completely taking over your life. It can be really depressing since you love that person and have trusted him/her with your whole life. However, it does not mean that your partner who has recently turned into a control freak does not love you. Maybe he/she does not even know that he is causing so much trouble and pain for you.

Now that you are well aware of the fact that your partner is really dominating and is taking each and every decision of your life without your consent and not letting you do anything on your own, you need to break the silence and let him/her know that this is not being appreciated and it has to stop. You are not supposed to tell the partner straight away, but be very polite and talk in the most affectionate way so that your dominating partner actually feels the essence of what you really have to say to him/her.

You need to stop being the vulnerable one and tell the dominating partner that you love him/her but some things are unacceptable even in the closest of relationships. Be very clear in telling your partner that dominating you will not do any good to the relationship and you are fully aware of whatever is going on in your life, also you have every right to take the decisions of your life on your own.

Try winning his/her heart first before you start on this topic of telling your dominating partner about his/her behavior.

There is a very big chance that you partner will not be so keen on listening to such a conversation and might flare up, but remember it is your sole duty to make him/her realize that you both are on this together and you guys have to make it work out no matter what, and that too, in the most positive way. Instead of making your life miserable and become a depressed weirdo, try to sort out your matters with your partner and make sure you put every broken piece of the puzzle back into the right place. If things still do not work, you can try out for some help like a best friend or some close family member maybe. Things will definitely work out between the two of you and you both will soon be on the right track of affection, care and love.

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