Equality, An Essential Part Of A Relationship

Equality, An Essential Part Of A Relationship

Equality An Essential Part Of A RelationshipEquality is vital for the success of any relationship. It is such an ingredient of a relationship that would eventually lead to an eternal lifetime of bliss.

Most of us believe that the essentials to a relationship begin with ‘love’. People say it is most important to have ‘Love’ in one’s relationship; if there is no love there is nothing in a relationship. However I would like to say the same about equality and respect in a relationship. For me more than love, respect and equality are vital to any relationship. Equality means to be treated equally in a relationship and that you don’t feel below or under your partner.

In a certain situation where you see your partner misusing his authority over you, and not respecting you in any way it is the time where you have to stop and think if this guy is actually worthy of your love? Respect does not only mean to lower your gaze in the presence of your partner, it has much more to it.

Two individuals can never be alike. They will differ from each other at some point or another. But the key to a successful relationship is that both the partners learn to respect each other’s opinion and learn how to go about it in their relationship. One needs to understand the needs of another person and never forget that the person you’re dating also happens to be ‘human’ by default.

If you’re dating anyone who does not treat you the way he himself would like to be treated then it’s unfortunate that you just might’ve chosen the wrong person for yourself. Be with someone who gives you the confidence of being someone and who appreciates you being ‘different’.

With having been treated equally and with respect, love would come naturally.

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