3 Smart Ways to Make Your Partner Feel Heard

3 Smart Ways to Make Your Partner Feel Heard

One of the major issues that the couples face nowadays is their partner is not listening to them. While this may seem harmless in the beginning, but it may turn troublesome in the near future. If your partner feels that they are being heard, trust us it can do wonders for you both and the relationship. So, to help you get a clear picture, we have listed some ways to make your partner feel heard.

1. Let them speak and make sure you don’t interrupt

Generally, people in an argument have a habit of not hearing to what the other person is saying. And this continuous interruption in an argument can make anyone give up as they may feel neglected. Remember, it takes a lot of efforts for someone to open up. So, make sure you listen to what your partner is saying instead of starting with your line of arguments.

2. Ask them relevant questions

Once your partner is done talking, you can ask them questions if you didn’t understand something. Stop assuming things and attacking your partner right away as this will lead to miscommunication. And there are chances you both reach a point where you think of ending your relationship.

3. Stick to the promises that you make (Make Your Partner Feel Heard in this way)

If you have made a promise to your partner that you will always try to see their side of the story then, make sure you stick to that. Don’t try to put a one-sided opinion. Whenever your partner wants to talk, make sure you listen to them. And if you are busy then, tell them so, and get back to the discussion later.

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