Mishti: I knew I Was in Safe Hands

Mishti: I knew I Was in Safe Hands

Things like this don’t usually happen. When you’ve not got acting on your mind, you don’t wake up to a call from Subhash Ghai asking you to sign his film.

Kaanchi HotHaving bagged the veteran’s upcoming film Kaanchi as her debut, Mishti sure has luck by her side. “I used to model in college. I even got down to doing a Bengali movie that never saw the light of day. The chief assistant director of that movie Arindam Ray showed Subhashji my pictures. Thanks to him I got this opportunity.”

Mishti PhotosSurprisingly, this fresher doesn’t have formal training in acting. And before zeroing upon her for Kaanchi, Ghai had already auditioned some 350 odd girls. She admits that she felt overwhelmed and anxious all through the way, “I was not skilled. I had no idea what I was getting into. Language too was a problem for me. Even the fact that Subhashji has worked with top heroines was a difficult benchmark to match.”

History sure does repeat itself. Unwittingly, whenever Ghai has introduced a fresh face to the industry, the heroine’s name has always started with M. Names like Manisha Koirala and Mahima Choudhary instantly come to mind. The name Mishti doesn’t seem like pure coincidence too, especially when the 21-year-old’s name on papers is Indrani Chakraborty. But she flatly refuses any such suggestion, “Mishti has been my pet name ever since I turned one. Indrani is my official name that nobody relates to. I wanted to introduce myself as Mishti because my close friends and family have known of me as no other. Subhashji warned me about this. He told me if you want to keep your name as Mishti, people will say that I’ve changed your name.” Hard to believe, eh?

Kaanchi PicturesThe movie’s got another spicy rumour to harp on. Apparently to ace a kissing scene, lead actors Mishti and Kartik Aaryan were at it for 37 retakes. Geez! She blushes, “It was in the initial days of my shoot. The problem wasn’t with the kiss. I was still trying to figure out the perfect body language for comedy scenes. Immediately after the kiss, comes the comic scene for which I needed the appropriate body language.” Yeah, we believe that. Wink wink…

Well, her co-star Kartik must’ve had the last laugh. An insinuated affair between two co-stars never ceases to add to the film’s buzz. “Well, I agree he is among one of the very good looking men in the industry. We got along well and were constantly pulling each other’s legs. I can call him my friend. But that’s about it.” Ah well, guess there’s no smoke to this fire then.

Mishti KissingApart from the kissing ambush, there were umpteen moments when she didn’t get what Ghai exactly wanted out of her. “There was a comic scene where I was supposed to move my legs in a particular manner. I feared I’d look funny doing that. I couldn’t do it. But Subhahji did it with such ease. He is such a great actor himself. The best thing about him is that he never yells at his actors. He’s patient and doesn’t make them nervous. He knows exactly how to bring it out of you. I knew I was in safe hands. Even his family has taken such good care of me.” And that really counts for someone who’s shifted base. “I’ve brought my mother and pet dog with me from my hometown Kolkata. I couldn’t do without them. But there’s no question of feeling homesick because of Subhashji and his family’s affection towards me. The only people I miss are my friends.” Well, you win some you lose some.


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