Jacqueline Fernandez: I Was Expecting Kick to Go An a-List Heroine!

Jacqueline Fernandez: I Was Expecting Kick to Go An a-List Heroine!

Jacqueline FernandezJacqueline Fernandez has been part of successful films like Housefull 2, Murder 2 and Race 2. But it’s her next film Kick co-starring Salman Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Randeep Hooda which will take her acting career to the next level. So we recently caught up with the leggy lass to talk about her much-hyped film that will hit the theaters come Friday (July 25). While we all know Jackie is a pretty looking lady, we realised she is sweet, funny and down-to-earth as well. No wonder, she impressed Sallu miyaan. In a free willing chat with Bollywoodlife the B-town starlet revealed how she landed the film, her experience working with the Bhai of Bollywood for the first time and why everyone should see her film Kick….

At the trailer launch Salman Khan compared you to Zeenat Aman. How did that feel and have you received any other compliments?

Everyone always asks me what is the coolest compliment that I have ever received in my life and honestly I have never got any. I have never really received a compliment like that. Forget the fact that Salman Khan is comparing me to a legend or an icon. It’s coming from Salman and that itself is a really big deal for me. And this would definitely be the compliment that I will be able to use now when people ask me about the coolest compliment I have ever received (smiles).

There rumours that Deepika Padukone would star opposite Salman in Kick. How did you end up bagging the film?

For me it came as a bit of shock coz I was actually expecting it to go to an A-list heroine and at that time I did not consider myself an A-list actor. Knowing the enormity of the film and that Salman Khan was playing the lead and Sajid Nadiadwala directing for the first time, I was pretty sure that they would want an A-list heroine for the film. So when Kick was offered to me, it just came out of the blue and I didn’t even know how to react. But sometimes things just work for you…Jacqueline Fernandez WallpaperYou are working with Salman for the first time. How was the experience?

He is one of the most amazing people that I have ever met in my life. His heart is so big that he just has it in him to help the entire world and every single person in this world. And he is totally getting there. He is doing what he can through his organisation and he is doing it all on his own which is very admirable. He is not a just superstar but someone I admire beyond being a superstar. Now that I have worked with him and have got to know him, I know behind that entire superstar persona is an extremely amazing human being who is making this world a better place.

You have worked with Sajid Nadiadwala as a producer but how different he is as a director?

I think as a director, he is someone who could probably direct a movie 10 or 20 years ago. He got such a passion for movies and cinema that I feel direction comes very easy to him and being a producer has also taught him a lot. He has worked with different directors so he has an understanding of how it all works. And as a director he has been amazing to us.Jacqueline Fernandez InterviewRecently the Yo Yo Honey Singh number came out. Did you wish you had done the song?

Yes… but I also feel that there is a reason why Nargis Fakhri is the part of that song. It’s because she looked amazing, she was morphed into exactly what was required for that song and if she looks good our movie looks good. If she had made the song look good and it has become a hit then it’s really good for us. People need to see it more like a team work…

There is lot of hype around how Kick will have the biggest opening and break box office records. This film is like a game changer for you as well. So are under any pressure?

Honestly, I hope the film does extremely good business. I am not sure what it’s going to cross or how big it will turn out to be but I hope it does well. Of course we can’t predict anything. There is no formula when it comes to making a movie or box office. But I hope for everyone’s sake – Sajid Nadiadwala’s sake, Salman’s sake, for every technician that was involved and for my sake as well (laughs) I hope Kick does really well.Jacqueline FernandezThree reasons why everybody should watch Kick?

First of all Salman, Sajid Nadiadwala coz he has made an exceptional movie. This is first film as a director and he has left no stone unturned and third I would have to say that it’s a movie with a heart. Though people are expecting to see amazing action, it s actually a movie with a heart and very inspirational as well.

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