Alia Bhatt: Varun Dhawan is a Big Influence in My Life!

Alia Bhatt: Varun Dhawan is a Big Influence in My Life!

Alia Bhatt PhotoAlia Bhatt is in the middle of promotions for her up coming film Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania. Despite the exhaustion from the grueling schedule her eyes light up when you mention her dad Mahesh Bhatt or talk about her Humpty co-star Varun Dhawan. Here the actor who has recently turned a singer talks about her favorite love story and reveals why Varun Dhawan is such a important person in her life….

How much did you identify with your character Kavya?

As far as fieryness is considered yes, I am the same. But I am not that energetic as her.

Are there references to DDLJ (Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge) in your film?

It is a modern day tribute to the film. DDLJ was an epic love story, I don’t think in anyones career there has been a film that has made reference to am epic love story. So this is a not a remake, it’s like your favorite love story becoming your reality.

What is your favorite love story?

DDLJ is one of them. Recently I read this book called Fault in our Stars, I haven’t seen the movie on the book yet, but I do want to see it.alia bhattWould your elope with someone in real life like Kajol in DDLJ?

I wouldn’t run away with someone because I wouldn’t be able to stay apart from my family. So I will make sure that they like the guy. They are very liberal.

How detached or attached are you from your parents?

I am my own self and everyone in my family has their own personality. But my dad is my weakness, he is a great person, I have shared a great relationship with him all my life. And he’s somebody that I really respect and what I love about him is that he’s never stopped us from being who we are. So having him around to support me is a big deal.

In a recent magazine interview you mentioned you are going through a heart break, is that true…

I was…I mean I don’t know if its done.Alia Bhatt HD WallpapersHow do you deal with heart break?

There’s no real way. I work, I look at it that way. There is no real formula to deal with heart break. If there was the people would never be heart broken. Most good work comes out of heart break, because you get something to work for and divert your attention to.

Between your dad and your sister who are you more closer to…

My sister, she understands me the best in the world. She has a very good third person perspective on my life. She has a good understanding of the kind of work I should do and she will give suggestions, but at the end of the day I make my own decisions.

Was it Varun’s idea that you sing Samjhaawan in the film…

Yes, it was his idea! I am giving him credit. I give credit to Varun for everything in my life! (laughs) But he really is a very big influence in my life. When am down and out he does charge me and pep me up. I remember when we would do these dance rehearsals for award shows and there would be one step that I couldn’t get. He would push me and motivate me to do better.

How do you react to this sudden attention being drawn to your career and films?

I do realize it , but I am not doing anything wrong. It’s not like am doing drugs or anything wrong, so I am fine. But you have to be careful about the things that you are doing as you are influencing people, especially young fans.Alia Bhatt InterviewDo these constant comparisons to Kareena irritate you?

When people say nice things its a big compliment. But I am very new. I look up to Kareena, she’s an inspiration to me. I wouldn’t be wanted being compared to Kareena, as I don’t think its possible for anybody to even match up to what she’s done. There can only be one Kareena and we already have her!

How important are box-office numbers to you?

I want my films to have sustainability and longevity. Student of the Year ran for two weeks, Highway and 2 States for three weeks. I don’t want to do films that have massive numbers in five days and then the collection drops.

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