Anushka Sharma not yet paid for Bombay Velvet?

Anushka Sharma not yet paid for Bombay Velvet?

In the light of Anurag Kashyap’s magnum opus Bombay Velvet severely under performing at the box office, a lot of questions are being raised about the director’s commercial viability and whether the film itself was a disaster in the making from the start. However, while all others are analyzing the losses made by Bombay Velvet producers Fox Star Studios and Phantom Films, we hear that the lead actress of the film Anushka Sharma has been left fuming.

Anushka Sharma Bombay Velvet
Anushka Sharma

The reason? Apparently, Anushka Sharma, who quite literally put her heart and soul into the film, was paid only the signing amount, and is yet to receive full remuneration for her performance. Additionally, the actress, who recently turned producer (ironically with Phantom Films for NH10) is yet to be paid her fees, while her costar Ranbir Kapoor was paid the full amount post the release of the film. Besides, the actors, it is been said that even some of the technicians who have worked on the film are yet to get their dues cleared.

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Interestingly, a lot of claims are being made that pass the buck from Fox Star Studios to Phantom Films, with Fox claiming that the latter is liable for the payment of dues, while Anurag Kashyap, the director and co-producer of the film is busy holidaying in Paris.

Anushka Sharma Age
Anushka Sharma

States a source, “There are no dues that are yet to be paid by Fox. In fact if there are any unpaid dues, those will be from Phantom’s side.” Further talking about Anushka Sharma’s predicament, the source from the production house adds, “Why will Fox be responsible for clearing her dues? It was Phantom Films and Anurag who signed her for the film and it is they who will have to pay her for it.”

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Simultaneously, Madhu Mantena, the head honcho of Phantom Films, also negated the nonpayment of dues claim. Madhu says, “As things stand right now, from my accounting end, there are no dues that are yet to be paid.” Taking it further, Madhu adds, “In fact if there are any people such as technicians that are yet to be paid, please tell me who they are and I will personally look into the matter.

Anushka Sharma Wallpaper
Anushka Sharma

However, one thing that needs to be remembered is that I am producing multiple films simultaneously and the technicians whom I work with are there in other projects as well. So how can there be an issue with payment if they continue to work with me?” When prodded about Anushka Sharma not being compensated, Madhu retorted, “That question would be best answered by Anushka, because if there were any dues, we would definitely have known.”

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But in the midst of this entire farce, despite a source close to the actress confirming her non-receipt of dues, Anushka’s spokesperson refrained from commenting simply saying, “Anushka Sharma has never and will never speak about remuneration to anyone, except for those involved. She prefers to sort out such issues herself.”

While currently both parties Fox and Phantom are claiming that all dues have been settled, Anushka Sharma is possibly the one bearing the brunt of it.

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