Ki And Ka Movie Review

Ki And Ka Movie Review

Kia (Kareena Kapoor) is an aggressive and aspiring corporate big shot, having a grand vision to be the CEO of a company. She is always super busy and believes in being an independent woman, not to be shadowed by men. Contrary to her, we have Kabir (Arjun Kapoor) who is a son of a reputed businessman in Delhi. Kabir is a topper of IIM-B but has no interest in business or his father’s monetary legacy.

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He is fond of his late mother and wants to be like her, managing daily household activities which he thinks are equally important as working in the office. Kabir also doesn’t believe in wasting his life in the name of career. So now, Ki and Ka first meet at some random place and click instantly. They start liking each other and even decide to marry. After some heavy arguments, the couple agrees that Kabir will do all the household work which he always wanted to and Kia will follow her corporate dream.

Ki And Ka

But, on the course of this gender role reversal, there are harsh hurdles awaiting. Societal views, perception of people, personal battles and misunderstandings will show whether the couple can stand true to their intentions.  The major reason of Ki And Ka’s disappointment is the script. The story starts off very well, depicting the views of both Kabir and Kia but their love connection has been shown hurriedly. However, their married life and adjustments for each other are narrated spontaneously, making the first half entertaining yet curious. What troubled me is that when the story had the best chance to show the debate of gender role reversal during the house party scene, it completely missed it.

Arjun Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor,

This could have been the core moment of the movie but the script degraded it big time. The 2nd half of the film just goes haywire. All the hard work that was put in to build the plot gets washed away with a senseless chaos. Understand this, when a man is doing a woman’s job and vice versa, society and the people around you will always criticise and protest first. The story has never shown that criticism and debate. Only the family members are shown doing it. Additionally, even the office members don’t enquire much about Kia’s husband and when they get to know about his household work, they act like this is a regular stuff. Instead of focusing on the crux, the story emphasizes on Ki and Ka’s personal battles and jealousy.

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