Love U Mr. Kalakaar! Movie Review

Love U Mr. Kalakaar! Movie Review

There aren’t many expectations that you carry from ‘Love U… Mr. Kalakaar!’. Moreover the film’s promos haven’t quite done the trick due to their lukewarm nature and the overall buzz has been low as well. This is the reason why when the opening credits of the film star rolling, you merely allow yourselves to go with the flow rather than carrying any high hopes of superb entertainment. The eventual result is on the same lines as well.

Tusshar Kapoor is what a quintessential Barjatya hero stands for. He is gentle, sober, a little shy and a simpleton at heart. So much so that when he realises that he is in love with a girl (Amrita Rao), his first line of proposal is to get married pronto because he doesn’t quite know ‘what happens between falling in love and getting married’. The love of his life too follows the Barjatya template to the T.

When the two meet, they are ready to live life with each other despite the ‘Pyaar Jhukata Nahi’ kind of a situation that they face. The boy doesn’t know what his tomorrow would look like while the girl is the scion of an industrialist (Ram Kapoor) who asks his future son-in-law about his tax details before his name.

Fair point actually since one can’t discount the fact that a boy has to be self sufficient before he decided to tie the knot. The hitch he is that he wants to build a future in the world of art while for the man out there, it is the facts, figures, profit and loss that form a part of daily conversation. How the gap is bridged between the two men even as the girl stands up for her ‘kalakaar’ is what forms the crux of the film.

With the world moving on, such point of conflict isn’t what can really be expected to excite audience. What also takes away the sheen from the film is its excessive length. The second half of the film goes on and on with just no end in sight. At least on a couple of points one feels that the film is approaching it’s end but that just doesn’t happen. Instead a new episode begins that makes one a tad impatient. In fact one of the sub plots of the film that involves another young man vying for Amrita’s attention seems totally unwarranted. It just adds to the length of the film.

A special mention has to be made about the dialogues of the film. They belong to the world that has been long left behind due to which it all seems like a 70s romantic drama. It is surprising that they were approved in the first place. The music too is lukewarm and one misses the presence of that one chartbuster that could have made the difference.

Thankfully, what allows the film to be a decent watch at least is the sincere act by the lead pair of Tusshar and Amrita. Tusshar, who has shown his range in films as diverse as ‘Golmaal’ and ‘Shor In The City’ in recent times is quite comfortable with the romantic genre as well. On the other hand it is good to see Amrita after a hiatus. Not just she looks beautiful and the same as she did around a decade ago in ‘Ishq Vishk’, she is also plain natural. Wish one could see more of her.

There are moments in the film where you do feel engaged. However at most instances the film follows the predictable route, hence making you a little restless in the process. Also, once the end credits start rolling, there isn’t much that remains with you that could tug your heart for long. An okay watch.

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