Bigg Boss 13: Himanshi calls Paras ‘ghatiya aadmi’ as he teases her on being disqualified from captaincy

Bigg Boss 13: Himanshi calls Paras ‘ghatiya aadmi’ as he teases her on being disqualified from captaincy

Bigg Boss fans must be aware that housemates weren’t really happy of Himanshi Khurana becoming the new capatin of the house. Everyone including host Salman Khan felt that moderator Shefali Jariwala was bias during the captaincy task and favored her BFF Himanshi blindly. And after Himanshi was declared the captain of the house, all the housemates in unity decided to boycott her. Everyone in the house, quit their duties, ignored her commands and ignored her requests. Together they decided to not go against Himanshi as they did not accept her as their captain.  And now, Himanshi Khurana has to bear the brunt of the housemates misbehavior. 

Yes, in the latest promo, it is seen that Bigg Boss expels Himanshi Khurana from being the captain as she couldn’t handle the inmates and stop them from breaking the rules. In the video, Bigg Boss is seen lashing out at Himanshi and telling her that she is a very irresponsible captain. Bigg Boss taunts her that she not only failed in handling others, but herself misbehaved and broke the BB house rule. Owing to all this Bigg Boss takes back Himanshi’s captaincy. Upon hearing all this, while Himanshi breaks down in tears, while Paras Chabbra is seen enjoying her bad situation. 

Paras mimicks Himanshi and taunts her about her failed captaincy. Shehnaaz Gill is seen supporting and laughing on Paras jokes. Himanshi gets upset with Paras for his unacceptable behaviour and comes forward to give a clarification. She says that this was bound to happen as everyone planned to boycott me and disobey me as a captain.She adds, “I did what I could, but matters weren’t in my hand.” Paras seems to disapprove of all this and continues misbehaving with her. Taking a dig at Himanshi, Paras asks her, “Do you even know what a captain is for. Do you know about a captain’s duties?” 

All this angers Shefali Jariwala, who jumps in between the fight and lashes out at Paras. She tells him, “This is ridiculous behaviuor on your end.” But, Paras doesn’t stop and Shefali tells shouts, “Just because we are bearing your nonsense doesn’t mean you continue it.” To which Paras asks, “Tell me what will you do if I behave this way?” Shefali retaliates, “You’re just showing your class and background. You’re a batameez insaan.” 

Himanshi also fumes with anger and calls Paras a ‘batameez and ghatiya aadmi’. To which he replies, “Now you don’t have the right to punish us and rule over us. Just buzz off from here.” Well, it would be interesting to see to what limit does thi heated argument goes? Will Himamshi take revenge from the housemates for being the reason behind her lost captaincy? What are your thoughts on the same? 

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