Bigg Boss 10: Gaurav, Bani, Rahul punished for rule-breaking

Bigg Boss 10: Gaurav, Bani, Rahul punished for rule-breaking

Thursday night, 3 November 2016, saw episode 18 of Colors TV’s reality show Bigg Boss 10. And here’s how the episode unfolded: With celebrities winning the secret task and having become the maaliks of the house again, they take full advantage of their power thereby causing more friction inside the Bigg Boss house. Some of the members of team Indiawale make excuses for not doing their chores. Rohan Mehra orders Om Swami to clean the jail, but the latter refuses. Rohan insists that if the order isn’t followed, Swami Om will be sent to jail once again. 

Bigg Boss 10: Gaurav, Bani, Rahul punished for rule-breaking
Bigg Boss 10: Gaurav, Bani, Rahul punished for rule-breaking

Meanwhile, the Indiawale are surprised at the ay in which Mona Lisa is ordering them around. Manveer even complains to Manoj; however, Manu supports Mona and says she’s entitled to throw her weight around a little after the lack of support from her own teammates. In a separate incident, Mona and Lopamudra Raut get into the pool to unwind, and the male Indiawale queue up to ogle them. The celebrities are amused by this behaviour.  And once again it’s that time of the week on Bigg Boss when the celebrities and ‘Indiawale’ have to select one contestant from each team the ones who performed poorly in the luxury budget task, to go to jail. This once again creates a rift between Mona and her teammates. Bigg Boss asks Mona and Lokesh to name the contestants from their teams who they have decided should be sent to jail. While Mona chooses Karan Mehra, Lokesh gives Nitibha Kaul’s name from team Indiawale. Mona has been comparatively quiet on the show so far, therefore not giving enough ‘content’ to watchers. This is why she has been the usual choice to be sent to jail every week. While she has been taking it quite sportingly for the past two-and-a-half weeks, it isn’t going down well with the Bhojpuri actor anymore.

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But this week, because she has been a strong performer, the celebs are finding it difficult to arrive at a consensus. So, Mona gives a piece of her mind to everyone, especially Gaurav Chopra and Rahul Dev, for making her a scapegoat. No prizes for guessing that she will continue to whine about it to Team Indiawale’s Manu. Mona and Manu’s growing proximity has been one of the talking points of the show this season. With Mona turning against her own team now, wonder if she will get support from the Indiawale, especially now that she’s bonding big time with one of them? On seeing Mona lunch with Manoj, Gaurav asks her if she is still upset about the nominations. And Mona replies that she was in the washroom when the celebrities ate lunch, which is why she joined Manu. But Gaurav had another story to tell. Apparently, the Indiawale said that Mona had already eaten her lunch which is why they (the celebrities) proceeded without her. But, the truth of the matter is that Manoj lied to Gaurav because he had cooked a special dish for Mona and he wanted to eat with her. Three weeks into the show and some rules for the smooth functioning of the house have been broken. Tired of reminding the contestants Gaurav, Bani and Rahul about these rules, these three defaulters now face the wrath of Bigg Boss.

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But which rule is broken? Well, this trio has consistently been speaking in English, ignoring the ‘Hindi only’ conversation rule of the house. Bigg Boss decides to take strict action against the three and has doled out some intense punishment. They were commanded to pedal a sewing machine-like device through the night while ensuring that a light remains lit all the time. If the light were to go off, an alarm would sound in the house waking up the other contestants from their sleep. And as is the norm with tasks, this one leads to arguments and quarrel, too, and this time between Bani and Gaurav, who have been arguing a bit more often lately. Taken aback by his comments, Bani, who is visibly irritated because of the punishment, not only gives Gaurav a piece of her mind, but also ends up in tears. All the others are worried about the punished contestants staying up the night, because their sleep depends on the stamina of the trio. However, there is one happy face in the house at present Om Swami, who’s happy to see the celebrity contestants being punished.

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