Bade Achhe Lagte Hain

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain

The story does not revolve around youngsters who fall in love because that is very common and portrayed in almost all the love stories. This drama is about two middle aged people who are unmarried and have been so busy in their lives taking responsibilities for others that they completely ignored themselves and never got married. Ram Kapoor and Priya Sharma are the two main characters of the Drama Bade Ache Lagte Ho. Both the characters are extremely mature and both are financially independent.

In fact their story is somewhat similar as well. Ram’s father died when he was young so the entire responsibility of the business came on his shoulders. He got so busy with work that he completely forgot to give time to himself and never got married and also though that he wouldn’t get married now that he is 40.

Priya on the other hand is in her late 30’s that has a happy go lucky nature but she is also unmarried and working with students. She didn’t get married because she was also supporting her family financially and thought she will not get married. But destiny had something else stored for both Ram and Priya; they meet in a usual situation, a minor car accident.

After many misunderstandings and misconceptions both try to know each other get married. The two of them did not think about what is in store for them and just go with the flow because they liked each other. They become even closer when they go to Australia for their honeymoon. The story is going to take many interesting turns but for that you will have to follow it and let it be a surprise.

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