How to Gain Muscle by Yoga

How to Gain Muscle by Yoga

Gain Muscle by YogaMuscles are a sign of a strenuous body. Moreover, there are physical as well as psychological benefits of a muscular body. Muscular body makes you look stronger and energetic.

Not only this, it also makes you look attractive because what could be more attractive than shorts revealing firm calves and skirts exposing athletic legs.

There are multiple ways to gain muscle because everybody has a different physique. Some do intensive exercise to make their muscles sexy and prominent and some go for running. Another effective way of gaining muscles is yoga. Yoga is aimed to unite mind, body and spirit so, to make muscle gaining an easy task, one should prefer yoga. Yoga makes the body flexible and helps to relax even in the middle of a strict environment.Here are some yoga poses that helps to build muscles:

  • Tree Pose

Yoga poses requires strength and endurance when you hold them for a longer period of time. One of these poses is the yogatree pose. First of all you should wear flexible clothes because yoga requires stretching. For yoga, your posture should be perfect. To begin with yogatree pose, stand straight with hip width apart and don’t move your shoulders. Now take a deep breath into your diaphragm. Allow your body to transfer your weight to the left leg and pick up your left foot, bend it and place it on your right thigh while standing in a slow motion. The next step is to join your hands in a prayer pose and lift them as high as possible for a minute and breathe deeply. Repeat this on the opposite side as well.

  • Bear Pose

For the yogabear pose, stand straight but this time place your feet on a yoga mat width apart. Now slowly and gradually bend your knees while standing. Stiff your shoulders and lift your hands so that they are parallel to the ground. Breathe deeply and hold this pose for atleast a minute. Make sure that you do this pose on a flat surface.

  • Warrior I Pose

Warrior I pose is slightly different than the other poses. For the warrior I pose, place left leg away from your right one in a way that your left leg is above your right leg. Turn your right foot slightly outward so that your toes are pointing outward. Now, bring your arms straight above your head and start taking deep breaths. After this, slowly bend your left knee and stay in this posture for a minute. After getting done with yoga, stand straight and flex your stomach muscles.

  • Cobra Pose

For the cobra pose, lay down so that your back is facing the roof. Place your hands below your shoulders and lift yourself up. Now, allow your stomach, shoulders and pelvis muscles to stretch. Hold this for a minute and repeat this 2 or 3 times.

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