5 Reasons to Practice Yoga This Summer

5 Reasons to Practice Yoga This Summer

Reasons to Practice Yoga this SummerThe most common question always asked” Why yoga in summer?” This is a query heard many times since I started my summer yoga training a few years ago.

Strength and flexibility can be developed through many activities, such as swimming, or weight lifting but listing those qualities doesn’t often satisfy the curiosity.

Following are a few but indeed very important reasons to follow yoga in summer:

  1. Strength & Flexibility – Our body is like a piece of bamboo as bamboo is  strong yet flexible. So summer yoga training makes you strong from inside. If you are only a solid tree the wind may come along and snap your branches. I know it sounds a story but it really makes a point.
  2. Breathe, Breathe, Breathe – When we start with summer yoga training, its one time of the day that we really make time to focus on our breath. People don’t realize the fact that just breathing can make them so deeply composed.” You’ll notice the fact that when one is focusing on your breath you really cannot think about anything else.  Here arises the next step to yoga in summer.
  3. Present Moment – summer yoga training teaches us focus and positivity we need in our lives. It is true that the today is really all we have in hand. Past is over. We don’t even know what will be our future like, the thing what we are aware of is now-this very moment. So yoga in summer is the SPOT ON!
  4. DetoxifySummer Yoga training is a workout for your organs. By stretching muscles and joints as well as massaging the various organs, summer yoga training ensures the proper blood supply and balance of energy flow plus allowing fresh blood & oxygen to flow.
  5. Stress Relief – We’ve all heard it. We know tension depression is damaging and can cause physical and mental problem. Summer Yoga training promotes relaxation through simply focusing on the breath and the living in your present moment.

Add in 60-90 minutes of physical practice (whether soft or rigorous) and you’ve got a recipe and plan of action on summer yoga training that will not only decrease your stress, but improve your emotional health.

Summer Yoga training is more than just an exercise. It promotes overall wellness and also prevents sicknessYou will notice the change that you get far fewer illnesses while engaging in a regular summer yoga training because yoga in summer nourishes every single cell in the body.

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