4 Perks to Striking a Yoga Pose

4 Perks to Striking a Yoga Pose

Meet Your Mat

Meet your MatResearch shows that doing simple neck-, shoulder-, and back-stretching poses can cut down on the number of head-splitting episodes—and make them less intense.

Hotter Sex

Hotter SexPerfecting ab- and pelvic-focused poses like Triangle and Cobra may lead to more O’s, a Journal of Sexual Medicine study found.

Less Back pain

Less Back PainTwice-a-week yoga sessions not only keep you limber, but also kick chronic low-back pain to the curb, suggests a study in the journal Spine.

Deeper zzz’s

Deeper zzz’sUsing relaxing poses (like Standing Forward Bend) coupled with meditation may help you nod off sooner—especially if you have sleep troubles.

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