How To Get 6 Packs

How To Get 6 Packs

6 PacksTo have six pack abs is the dream of every young, but it is very challenging. It takes a long series of time and hard work. So for getting the six pack abs you need to follow some steps likewise dieting and lot of exercise.

The concept of having six packs abs sounds very simple but putting it into action can be quite challenging. It takes dedication, time and patience but finally in the end the effort is well worth it. Most important thing is to get six packs abs one need to do two things, first lose fat and second is build muscle. Then you also need to practice dieting and exercise daily. Because if you have toned and muscular abs and there is a layer of fat over them so it will not let you allow to expose your six packs abs. You need to follow some easy step to having six packs abs:

Do Sits Up

First tip to having six packs abs is practice sits and up, and to practice that you need to lie down on the floor and make your knees up and crossed your hands on your chest. Now have some hold your feet down or wedge them underneath something heavy. Still all the way up and lifting your lower back off the floor along with your shoulder blades. But keep in mind that your back should to be straight other than that you will have some back pain.

Do Crunches

Now the next step for having six packs abs is do practice of crunches. Lie down on the ground, you can use mat or can also do this without mat, no put your hands in the front of your chest and then slightly poignant your shrines. Now twist your knees and hoist your shoulders towards the knees and using firmly your abdominal.

Do leg lifts

Now the third idea for six packs abs is do leg lifts. First lie on the floor and then straight out your legs, and put your hands at your sides. Now start lifting your legs in cosmic direction, until they are at a 90 degree angle. Now repeat this session again and again, but mind it don’t let your legs touch the floor.

Do jackknife sit ups

Another tip for getting six packs abs is work out sits and ups. Lie down flat with your back on the ground. Place your hand fix with your back. Now simultaneously raise your knees and torso so that your knees and face meet on an imaginary line extending from your pelvis to the ceiling. You should to be able to touch your knees with chin. Practice this process four and five times.

Turn butt ups

Here is another tip for getting six packs abs and that is turn butt ups, for that reason you need to take a push up position and slowly moves your gluts as high up into the air as possible, with the help of your elbows and forearm keep resting on the ground. In this point your body will seems to be as a mountain.

Do Static Holds

Put your body into the push up position but with your elbows on the floor, and your whole body flat. This position is also renowned as the plank; most importantly it trains your core to hold the body in place. How this position for as long as possible and practice it for a short instance.

Do pull up hanging from a horizontal bar

It’s very simple and easy way to have six packs abs, you can practice some pulls up hanging and you will be amazed at the number of muscles around your stomach. So do at least 5 pulls ups with the help of your palm softly moving away from your face and then practice the same thing mean 5 pulls ups with your palm facing towards you. This will help you to build your pectorals and biceps at the same time of ratio.

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