Decorate Your Home With Beautiful Lights

Decorate Your Home With Beautiful Lights

home lightsMost of the small houses should be illuminated rightly to give the illusion of space and beauty. From modern and simple to grand and elaborate ways, you can use different forms of light to decorate your house. When it comes to home interiors, lights play an important part by adding to the mood of house and adding a lot of visual drama to your home. Lights add texture to your walls and make a dark corner look warm,inviting and cozy. Beautiful lights can make a room smarter. By using different shades and colors of light we can make the house look more interesting and appealing. While using lights for decoration its utility must always be considered.

• Spotlights:

One form of lighting which adds to the appeal of your house is the use of spotlights. They are used are used to highlight very important areas of the house.  Spotlights can be used on plants or an artwork and indirect light concealed behind crown molding or above casework or even behind a chair to brighten up a dim corner. But the source of the light should itself be almost invisible.Proper lighting plays a very important role in accentuating the focal points of a house. It gives an illusion of space. LED lights have become very popular as they are energy efficient and décor element of a house. Halogen lights and spot lights are used to create ambiance in a dead corner of a house.At the stairway landing a pair of matching lamps creates focal point

• Skylights:

In India there is a lot of sunlight for most part of the day so even the sunlight can be used to create an ambiance in the house by the use of skylight thus creating natural illumination in the house.

• Living room:

Different areas of the house can be decorated by the use of different lights. Living room is more likely to be decorated by different types of lights according to the purpose. The area around the television set should have a fluorescent bulb recessed down lights, dimmer and spotlight may be used over painting and showpieces displaced in the living room to enhance their beauty. Special lamps can be placed in the corner thus giving life to a dead corner.   

• Dining room:

Diningroom should be both beautiful and functional. Chandeliers can add sparkle and style to your dining room while giving you the general lighting you need for dining and entertaining. Too much lighting should also be avoided as it doesn’t seem appealing to the eyes.The addition of dimmer can add to the beauty of the room

• Kitchen:

The kitchen is a complete activity area so effective lighting is very important. Lighting in the cabinets will add to the beauty of the room thus enhancing the beauty of thedetails. Ceiling fixture and beautiful pendants over the coffee table can also add to the ambiance of the room

• Bedroom:

From tradition to contemporary there is a lot of variety to choose from according to the theme of the room.A bedroom is a place where you want to create an overall atmosphere of relaxation. Dimmer control lights can create a beautifully soothing atmosphere in theroom.Chandeliers were previously used in big halls but now small chandeliers are also used to decorate the bedroom thus adding to its beauty and décor

• Bathroom:

The best lighting decor plan for small bathroom is a mirror light which will illuminate the entire bathroom but in larger bathroom addition of ceiling fixture creates a great ambiance. Decorating the house with lights is the least expensive of all the ways of decorating your house because it takes a lot of money to buy beautiful furniture. Therefore by using the different forms of lights in a creative we can add to the beauty of the house.

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