Add a Royal Touch to the Indian Restroom

Add a Royal Touch to the Indian Restroom

Add A Royal Touch Indian RestroomBathrooms are often neglected in houses and they are either too small and cramped or too dingy. The restroom is the room you use multiple times in a day.

When you plan to build or renovate your house, make sure comfort of the restroom is kept in mind. Be it traditional or contemporary, the restroom, when designed with passion, can be the best room in the whole house. Here are some helpful tips that will add a royal touch to the Indian restroom.

Location & Ventilation

Have an airy restroom. Restrooms, especially powder rooms, are often constructed under the stair case or in a small corner. Make sure your restroom is not cramped. A meager area allocated for restrooms make them very inferior. The roof of the restroom should be high enough that one can easily change clothes and not bang their head or arms on the roof. An airy restroom is not only hygienic but the air ventilation keeps the restroom fresh and naturally bright.

Restroom Furniture

Most people go for white restrooms, with white tiles and white bathroom equipment. Forget about the typical white. Go for dark wood, blue or shades of brown. Add a royal touch to the Indian restroom by building a restroom suite with shower enclosures fitted with electric showers, bath tubs, heated towel rails and a stylized sink with a bathroom cabinet under it. If you have a small restroom, use shower screens so water is not splashed, use a small hand wash basin and a small toilet seat.

Restroom Accessories

Extending restroom mirrors, LED mirrors, bathroom mirrors with storage shelves or a simple exotically framed bathroom mirror can enhance the impact of your restroom wall. Some nice and colorful paintings on the empty walls, use of mosaic tiles, colorful curtains, and a bath pillow set on the bath tub, bathroom bins and absorbable bathroom mats are all modifications and ways to decorate the restroom. This royal touch to the Indian restroom will make the place look likeable and homey.

Toilet Seats

Designer toilet seats have gained popularity in recent times. A nice toilet seat will encourage you to pooh conveniently. These days, toilet seats come in a variety of different shapes, styles and sizes. From wooden toilet seats to tattooed seats, black and white checkered designs, under world designs, butterfly toilet seats, dollar bill toilet seats, nemo toilet seats or a scenic toilet seat, these seats are available in abundance. Designer toilet seats will also encourage you to keep the seat down after using the toilet.

Showers and Taps

Modern taps and mixers are way advanced as compared to the traditional taps. If you wish to decorate the restroom, buy Victorian style faucets to add an antique touch to your restroom. Electric showers with modern design shower mixers and pumped showers with stylized shower valves add a royal touch to the Indian restroom.

Make your bathroom a room of luxury and tranquility and not just a place to wash your hands and pooh.

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