10 Most Common Home Decor Blunders You Must Avoid

10 Most Common Home Decor Blunders You Must Avoid

Decorating your home successfully is not an easy task and requires a lot of effort, especially when you are decorating your first home with your better half. If not done right, your own ideas might mar the beauty of your dream home.

Home Decor

To avoid this and to create an aesthetically-pleasing abode, the first step is to avoid the most common mistakes. Read on to know the 10 most common home decor mistakes, and how you can avoid them.

1. Not planning anything:

Not planning anything

Sometimes, the couples get overwhelmed with the idea of decorating their house and head right to the shops without planning anything. The foremost thing to be taken care of before starting with the makeover of your house is– to have a proper plan of action. Do your homework on the space that you have, what you want to do with it, and prepare a budget.

At times, people tend to buy things that appeal them, only to realise later that they do not fit in the available space, or are of little or no use to them. This can be easily avoided when you have pre-planned everything and have a list in hand as you step out of your house to shop.

2. Size does not matter:

Size does not matter

There are chances that you and your partner might get attracted to different sets of furniture that do not match in terms of proportion and scale. Do not fall into the temptations of buying evrything that you both like as the space of your living room might not like the idea. While choosing the new furniture for your home, see that the size of every piece is in to the space that you have.

Remember that the furniture in stores, with big open spaces and tall ceilings, looks different in a house setting. It is therefore important to measure the dimensions of the room before you go for furniture shopping, in order to avoid making an expensive mistake.

3. Poor coordination:

Poor coordination

You might like the idea of painting your bedroom in a sensual colour to create a romantic environment, but would not do the same with rest of the rooms. This might create a lack of connect in your house, with a one room shouting out loud with vibrant colours and another one looking very dull.

To avoid such mistake, chose your colour palette wisely and make sure that at least the tone of colours used in different rooms is same. Also, check the colour trend forecasts that various design agencies bring out every year to take your pick from something that is in vogue.

4. Impulsive buying:

Impulsive buying

It is a big mistake to buy an item without being in the need of it. Make sure before buying anything that you need that thing, it is comfortable and fits your home. Make sure you put some thought into how whatever you buy would help you. Avoid making impulsive purchase in any case.

5. Throwing away existing furniture:

Existing furniture

You need not discard the old furniture that you have. They may add a classy vintage look to one of the section of your house. Appreciate and reuse the treasures that you have. You can even revamp an old piece of furniture and turn it into something chic and classy with just a few changes.

6. Too much clutter:

much clutter

If there is one thing that can easily spoil a beautiful room, it is clutter. It can be physical as well as visual, such as too many newspapers and magazines on the coffee table. The things that are not in their proper place or too many decorative articles at one place can also spoil the charm of a room.

For example, pieces of art hanging on every wall of the room, group of ceramic vases put together, etc. To avoid this, take some of these things off to create more breathing space. Create a storage space for your books, shoes, magazines, etc. and keep these things in their appropriate places.

7. Too many cushions:

Too many cushions

While a few cushions are necessary to add colour and pattern, and comfort to the seating space, too many of them on the sofa can instantly spoil the look. Also, too many cushions leave little sitting space. Keep just a few decorative cushions that match your design style.

8. Monochromatic rooms:

Monochromatic rooms

Having everything in a room in a single colour is a serious decor mistake and quite an eye sore! Take care not to overdo things with your desire to match everything. In case you do have a room that is monochromatic, you can uplift its appearance with some contrast-coloured curtains, chairs or even some decorative articles.

9. Poor lighting:

Poor lighting

Rooms that do not receive much natural light and are painted in dark colours usually seem smaller. Avoid this by not using dark colours and dark furniture in the room. If a room does not receive adequate natural light, make sure it is well-lit with enough artificial lighting.

10. Keeping things that you don’t like:

Keeping things that you don't like

You don’t have to live with something just because you inherited it or someone gifted it to you. If you do not love it now, chances are you never will. Instead of waiting to love them, remove them from your room and see how better you feel about your living space. Also, keeping around things that you don’t like interferes with the theme that you might have planned for your home decor. -yahoo

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