Protect Your Skin And Hair From Damage Caused By Holi Colours With These Quick And Easy Tips

Protect Your Skin And Hair From Damage Caused By Holi Colours With These Quick And Easy Tips

The most vibrant of all festivals, Holi 2019, is almost here. This year, Holi will be celebrated on March 21. Also known as the festival of colours, Holi is celebrated by throwing Holi colours and water at each other – as a symbol of love. While it is one of the most fun-filled festivals in India, a small little backdrop of playing Holi is skin and hair damage caused by harmful chemicals in artificial colours. Dermatologist Dr Kiran Lohia Sethi addresses this concern in one of her posts on Instagram, and suggests a few tips to prevent unnecessary damage to skin and traces of Holi colours left for weeks on your skin and hair.

Holi 2019: Skin and hair care tips you must follow

1. Use natural colours

Markets are flooded with synthetic colours but you must not buy them as it is more difficult to rub them off from your skin. These synthetic colours are the ones that stay under your nails and behind your ears for weeks. Dr Kiran suggests that you must always buy the natural, vegetable derived colours as it is much easier to wash them off.Also read: Get Ready To Enjoy A Safe And Colourful Holi

2. Mositurise your skin as much as possible

“The more your moisturise your skin until Holi, the less likely it is for colours to seep into your skin and hair,” says Dr Kiran. Your skin acts as a natural barrier and if it is dry, it means that your pores are more open. If your skin is extremely moist, then the Holi colours are much less likely to bind to the pores. You can moisturise your skin using cleansing oil or a simple cleansing balm or cleansing milk. Use heavier moisturising creams and lots of sunscreen on your skin to prevent damage caused by chemicals in Holi colours.

3. Oil your hair

Days before Holi, you can oil your hair (not necessarily from the scalp). This will help in moisturising your hair and prevent Holi colours from seeping into hair. You can apply some coconut oil to your hair strands for moisturising hair. This will make hair stronger and more resilient to the damage caused by Holi colours.

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