Increase Your Energy Levels The Healthy and Natural Way

Increase Your Energy Levels The Healthy and Natural Way

Energy LevelsNo matter how busy you are and what you do, your body requires energy to keep you able to carry out your job. Eating proper food is very important and knowing your food is more important.

If you eat right food then it can boost your energy level without having any side effects on your health.Energy is vital for our survival. Despite being a part of very fast life style, one still needs an appropriate values of energy. Many people look for things which may give them extra energy but in long run they might face health implications. No doubt, in as fast life styles as today’s one needs to increase his energy levels.

There are various drinks and diet plans which are not only light on stomach but also provides adequate energy levels without risking our health in long run. The best and safest way to do that is to resort to a natural way. Let’s have a look at what natural options we have got when it comes to increasing energy through healthy and natural ways.

More Liquid

Most of the time it’s because of dehydration we feel sluggish and tired. Our body needs lot of water intake to work properly. Muscles are responsible for enabling us to carry out tiresome jobs and its medical fact that 75% of our muscles are composed of water. In event of losing even 3% of water in muscles can cause a 10 per cent drop in strength and an eight per cent loss in speed. Furthermore, if you do not drinking proposed amount of water daily then it can have really nasty impacts on your overall health. It is highly recommended to drink at least 1.5 liters of water every day. Water in whatever shape you are taking is good for your health and a natural way to give a boost to your energy levels. People who loves working out are highly advisable to take of sip of water every 15 minutes during the exercise.

Less eating

Most people believes that eating more is one way of increasing energy. Often forgetting the fact that our body requires energy for the process of metabolism. Energy is consumed during this process and one may end up feeling lethargic rather than active. The best option is to eat less and make a habit of dishing up smaller portions.

Avoid refined carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are considered the most important and premium energy source. Intake of adequate amount of carbohydrates can maximize our energy level. However, the products like white rice, white bread and white pasta, chocolate and lollies contains refined carbohydrates which has a feature of releasing energy too quickly. This quick release of energy cause our energy levels to peak and trough. In addition to that, these refined carbohydrates cause a surge in insulin levels too. So it is highly advisable to avoid refined carbohydrates. Instead, one must choose the food which have slow release carbohydrates like porridge oats, brown rice, whole meal pasta and wholegrain bread. Since these releases carbohydrates slowly, therefore out energy levels remain constant most of the time.

No Starving

Many people who are very conscious about their body features tend to cut their calories level considerably by not eating properly. Even, someone who does not fall in category of obesity may end up starving himself because he feels that he is gaining wait. Once you starve yourself then your body will start conserving energy. In process the fats are hoarded and start to break down lean muscle tissue for fuel. This will only make things worse, so it is recommended to intake proper calories.

Fats are important

There is no doubt that fats cause lot of health problems but what we tend to forget is that not all fats are bad. In fact few fats are essential for our body to work properly and have energy. Saturated fats which are what junk food has got in abundance is definitely a no go zone but fats like Omega 3’s are especially beneficial for exercise as they improve exercise endurance and lower insulin levels, which boosts fat metabolism.

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