Weekly Horoscope: 26th January To 31st January 2015

Weekly Horoscope: 26th January To 31st January 2015

Aries :

You shall be keen on reviewing the recent past to analyse whether your decisions were right or not. Ganesha says the week is also favourable to look ahead and plan your future course of action. You shall also be in a better position to handle tricky issues. On the financial front, it shall be smooth sailing. Even at home, you shall have a comfortable time, since there won’t be many domestic issues troubling your mind. However, the conduct of your life partner may be irritating at times, but it may have been caused by a sudden unilateral change in family plans by you. Businessmen may use this favourable time to expand operations. You could sign up a new contract. Official travel shall prove to be beneficial.

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Taurus :

What you do this week will be taken seriously by people around you, and you shall grow in public esteem. However, there may be no direct gains for you. Important messages may get delayed, thereby causing anxiety. Distractions may upset your routine. Don’t say yes when you want to say no, advises Ganesha. While businessmen may come across growth opportunities, freelancers will have to constantly keep track of deadlines. The inflow of money and finances, in general, will be decent. But, you will have to keep saving for the future. There won’t be anything to worry about on the domestic front, though. Your married life will be hunky dory. This week is favourable for singles to experiment with relationships, as romance is in the air.

Gemini :

Your financial condition means a lot to you and you make extra efforts to secure it, says Ganesha. However, you also have a tendency to get carried away by tempting luxurious objects, and as a result you may end up spending too much on them. However, you may expect some extra money to come your way. Moreover, since the planet related to pleasure and enjoyment transits favourably for you now, you shall spend some money on enjoying life. Singles may come across the “special someone” and enter into a romantic relationship. But don’t be in a hurry to commit – go slow. Just enjoy the good times, says Ganesha. Married couples, despite some differences, shall overall enjoy domestic life. Professional relationships shall be cordial, and peers will be cooperative.

Cancer :

Ganesha foresees that this week you shall keep your focus on your work, despite the fact that your personal problems are still simmering. You will keep your emotions in control. With Venus entering its Sign of exaltation, you shall face no problems on the health front, which will improve your routine performance. Co-workers will give you their unstinting support, which will motivate you to take challenges head-on. Superiors and your immediate boss shall appreciate your improved performance. Businessmen who are dealing in fashion and luxury goods will see a boost in turnover and profit margins. Some extra money may also come your way in the form of a dividend or an incentive. With surplus funds, you may decide to purchase some luxury items for your home. This is one thing which shall please your spouse.

Leo :

This week you shall work very efficiently at your own pace, without much pressure being exerted by the higher-ups. However, Ganesha advises you not to take things for granted and become lax. Keep yourself motivated and accept new challenges, as it will improve your own future prospects. This week Venus enters Pisces to join Mars, already posited there. This transition indicates a favourable phase for you. Businessmen, especially those dealing in fashion and luxury goods, may enjoy a profitable time. You shall be satisfied with your earnings, and shall have enough capital to invest in expanding your operations. Students shall need to make serious efforts to avoid getting distracted. Those of you in your final year of studies will have to work much harder to get good grades.

Virgo :

With Venus entering Pisces in the 7th House from your Sign, this week shall bring some positive influences in your life, especially on the domestic front. You shall enjoy some pleasant moments with your spouse. Singles are likely to enjoy the company of your partners. And, those who haven’t yet found their soul-mate might find one soon. You shall also be quite fortunate in financial matters, as some extra money is likely to come your way. Those in the business of hospitality and food products shall see their profits soaring, as you may attract quite a few high-worth clients. Professionals too shall experience a very comfortable time at your workplace, and shall be able to manage routine affairs efficiently. On the health front, you will get a lot of relief from niggling ailments.

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Libra :

Ganesha warns that this week you shall have to handle all your relationships, whether personal or professional, with utmost care. Misunderstandings may lead to rifts in the relationships. Don’t hesitate in going out of your way to keep your partner in good humour. But avoid involving friends in personal matters, or things may get worse. But rest assured that this is a passing phase, and things will soon get better. In your office, you may not be able to focus your attention on work. However, a busy schedule awaits you. Meeting deadlines may be difficult, but colleagues shall rally around to help diffuse the pressure. You may be hard pressed in money matters. However, the only way out shall be to control unnecessary expenses. On the health front, take preventive measures to keep minor ailments at bay.

Scorpio :

Professionals are likely to face a lacklustre week, predicts Ganesha. Things will seem to be too drab, and you will have to think out of the box to induce some spice into your work so that you enjoy it more. Moreover, things may not progress as per your expectations, which may cause dejection. Freelancers may find themselves stuck with unresponsive clients. Businessmen will need to check inventory regularly, and streamline operations. On the health front, those of you with irregular blood pressure should be particularly careful. Especially, avoid stressful situations, and don’t neglect medications. Singles who are in a stable relationship are likely to find it hard to please your partners, and married couples may experience some discord in your conjugal life. Monetary matters too may bother you, so make sure to use your reserves judiciously.

Sagittarius :

Owing to Venus entering Pisces in the 4th House, which is related to family matters, from your Sign, Ganesha says there will be some positive changes in your domestic life this week. This transit shall also have a sobering effect on your partner, who will become more compassionate towards you. Even the pressure you may have been facing from elders shall ease out. This is bound to have a positive impact on your professional performance. Friends and colleagues will support you in all your endeavours. Even distant relatives will look at you from a different perspective, and your opinions will be valued much more than ever before. However, don’t get carried away by all this, and maintain your equanimity. If you are planning to tie the knot, the time is not right for it.

Capricorn :

Now that Venus enters Pisces in the 3rd House from your Sign, you may expect a very favourable week ahead, foretells Ganesha. You shall experience thrilling events in your professional and romantic spheres. Another good thing is that you will taste success in your career, which shall give you the confidence to put forward your views in front of your bosses without hesitation. They will be thoroughly impressed with your performance. Businessmen are also likely to receive a good response from your clients based outside the state. But traders will need to categorize your inventory properly to avoid stocking unwanted goods. It’s a good week for romance. Married life too shall be quite enjoyable. Though you may encounter some problems at home, since you are practical by nature, you will manage to sail through successfully.

Aquarius :

On the financial front, Ganesha foretells that you are likely to face some problems this week, so use your funds very judiciously, and totally cut out unnecessary expenses. This is important as unexpected household expenses may shoot up. You will, however, have the full support of your partner, who will understand your situation and be less demanding. This is also one of the reasons why your marital life will be quite comfortable and pleasant this week. Singles are likely to meet someone special and fall in love. On the professional front, sharing your problems with understanding colleagues shall bring great relief. With retrograde Mercury transiting in your Sign, along with Venus and the Sun, the time is not ripe for taking any new steps. Just pursue what you are doing, and continue to plan for the future.

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Pisces :

Ganesha advises you to be more responsive to others’ views, and be less imposing. This shall help you in preserving harmony in the family. A favourable time will come later in the week when Venus enters your Sign. It shall help you become more amicable. You may tend to become impulsive at times while discussing domestic matters, which will neither do you nor your family members any good. So try to stay calm in all situations. Businessmen dealing in fashion and luxury goods are likely to see good profits. Freelancers too may bag lucrative assignments. Differences amongst business partners may get stronger this week, and if not handled diplomatically, the issue may lead to a split. Anyway, you shall see better times, if you are the sole decision maker in your company.

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