Valentine’s Day Culture In India

Valentine’s Day Culture In India

Valentines Day WallpapersWho was Saint Valentine? How is he associated with the ancient rite of Valentine day celebrations? and what is the story behind 14th February’s being significant in the lovers’ lives! All these questions have various answers as the actual history of Valentine’s Day is shrouded in mystery.

  • History Of Valentine’s Day:

February is celebrated as the month of romance all over the world. St.Valentine’s day’s history has traces of both Christian and Roman civilizations. According to Catholics, there were three saints all named Valentine and all of them were martyred.

Another myth usually associated with the valentine’s day is that Valentine was a priest in the third century in Rome. Emperor of that time – Claudius II – outlawed marriages for young soldiers so that they remain devoted to their jobs. Valentine defied the emperor and kept arranging marriages of soldiers in secret. When his actions got discovered, he got sentenced to death.

A few other stories suggest that Valentine was killed because he helped Christian prisoners to escape from the cruel clutches of Romans. In the same way, another myth related to Valentine ’s Day’s history is that valentine was a prisoner himself who was the first person to send valentine greetings to his beloved when he fell in love during imprisonment. Before death, he wrote a letter to his beloved saying “From your Valentine”. The phrase is traditionally used to express the feelings of love even in present times.

  • Origin of The Valentine’s Day:

In the midst of all the myths related to the history of this ancient rite of Valentine ’s Day, the origin where the initiation of the event can be rooted is a pagan fertility festival of Lupercalia being celebrated in the midst of February and dedicated to the god of agriculture named Faunus.

At the end of 5th century, 14th February was acknowledged as St. Valentine’s Day, soon after which it got associated with love. In the middle ages, it was a common belief in England and France, that 14th February is a day of romance because February middle is the time of bird’s mating, and hence it is the time for romance. Thus people started valentine day celebrations by expressing their love by writing poems.

  • Valentine Day Celebrations In The Present Times:

Valentine’s day is celebrated in United States, Canada, Mexico, The United Kingdom, France, Australia, Asian and many other countries as well. People express their love for anyone, be it their beloved, their friends and even family members by exchanging small tokens of love in the shape of presents such as chocolates, sweets and others. Valentine’s Day greetings are sent along with flowers and heart shaped souvenirs. Valentine day celebrations are all dedicated to love. Love is celebrated in various styles such as exchanging words, gifts, cards and flowers.

With the passage of time, young generation is getting crazy in their valentine day celebrations. Every passing year adds up a lot to the valentine day celebrations and traditions. People are getting more and more innovative in deriving means of celebrating romance on the Valentine’s Day!

Hope you meet your Valentine this 14th Feb!

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