Things to do on Dewali

Things to do on Dewali

 Diwali FestivalThe much awaited day is the Diwali. Diwali celebration starts and people become excited, everyone has different plan when it comes to Diwali. Kids, young one and old people enjoy this auspicious occasion the most.

We all here in India are well aware of the occasion named as Diwali. Hindus celebrated this event with full joy and zest.  Many of the people started the Diwali celebrations months ago.  It is one of the biggest religious festival and many people are associated with it. When we talk about Diwali celebrations there comes many rituals which are must follow.  Diwali celebrations also start from Diwali greetings. Everyone greets each other with joy. On the special occasion the prayers hold a great importance. It is a saying that the Goddess Laskhmi who is distributing wealth is very kind that day and whoever adores her she bless her with a lot of wealth.

The important Diwali celebration is that laskhmi Puja take place almost in every home. Other than many other pujas are done to please every God.  When it comes to Diwali celebrations decorations is the most important thing. On this occasion everyone decorates their home according to their budget.  Every sort of decoration now a day is available in the market but some people make them on their own. Everyone decorates thier houses because they say that Godess Laskhmi will come to their home and will bless them.  Diwali greetings are the most important part of the occasion. Everyone meet each other and get together in some family’s house to spend the day.

They say that when the family will be together Goddess will shower her blessing upon them. Diwali celebrations are incomplete without the lighting of diyas. Lightning diyas on special occasion is very old and people now day’s loves to do this. Everyone at night decorates home with diyas and it looks really good too.  The Diwali celebrations are totally incomplete without sweets. Everyone eats sweets and especially Barfi is the famous one.  When families visit each other home usually take sweets with them on this auspicious occasion. Dewali celebrations are totally incomplete without buying new clothes, especially when it comes to woman.

Woman’s  are very greedy when it comes on their own clothes, they want the best so on dewali get the best dress to look beautiful.  Diwali is not celebrated just one day but it celebrations lasted for almost 5 days.  Dhanteras is also celebrated on this occasion. Everyone gets more jewelry to celebrate the festive occasion. On this day the jewelry sale is on the peak.  When we talk about Diwali celebrations we cannot forget Rangoli. Rangoli making is always fun. It takes much effort and one should know how to make it. People make amazing Rangoli designs which are mind blowing.  On big scale Rangoli competitions take place. The most awaited and the most exciting thing to do on Diwali is bursting of fire crackers. Everyone loves it.  Old people say that bursting the fire crackers keep away evil spirits.

Everyone does it at night because you can see the colors and enjoy it.  Diwali is one of the days when all the family is together so people love to play games and enjoy this time. Chess, card games and hide seek are very famous games. Diwali celebrations are incomplete if you are not taking care of your loved one. Show your love to your family and friends by giving them lots of gifts. Give maximum time to the family, take them out and have a long chat with them and most important is that relax on Diwali. While Diwali celebrations do a lot of charity to those who are unable to enjoy the day, help them so that they can also enjoy it. Have fun but don’t do those things which are unsafe.



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