New Year in India

New Year in India

happy new year 2012A culturally rich country is India known to be. Various religions follow different kinds of cultures so the New Year tradition varies according to that. What is anticipated this year another set of vibrant colours and distinctive features for the festival. People in different parts of India celebrate New Year preferably according to their traditional calendar for the New Year.

This is why India is popularly known as the land of celebrations. India, with its diversity of India is such that Indians like the rest of the world ring the old year out and ring in the New Year with whole-heartedness, joy and cheers.

Each region in India has its own style of celebrating the New Year. In western countries, New Year is followed according to the Western tradition but not in India as per explained early, the mixture of various cultures exist there. On this day, people prefer to light rows of little oil lamps on their balconies, verandas, inside/outside of the house as a sign of welcoming their Goddess Lakshmi who is the godess of wealth and prosperity for them. It is a popular belief among the Hindus that on the day of celebrating New Year, goddess Lakshmi pays a visit to only those homes which are brightly lit with oil lamps, this is why this occasion of New Year is also known as the festival of lights.

This day of lighting oil lamps is also called the New Year of Business. It is a tradition or customary to get rid of all the debts or any other obligations due on him. It is known that carrying burdens or debts of the past year can be a sign of bad omen for the Hindus. Thus, they prefer to get rid of this issue before celebrating the New Year.

In the eastern part of India, majorly in West Bengal, New Year is celebrated during the time of spring season. This New Year is celebrated with songs, dances, making of delicious dishes for friends and relatives. There are other regional games like kite flying and bull fighting as per celebration of the New Year. People indulge themselves in decorating homes not with lights but traditionally with flowers of sweet smell in various colors of red, yellow, lilac, pink and white. Women prefer to wear clothes which are yellow, green and orange n colour. Thus, enjoy the upcoming of the New Year with extreme joy.

In the southern parts of India, New Year is celebrated with the eating of mango festival and neem flowers. This will show that life is a mixture of good and bad times as it is full of joy and sorrow for everyone. People give their children money as a token of love and appreciation and to encourage them to do good deeds with the beginning of a New Year.

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