Children’s Day in Memory of Nehru

Children’s Day in Memory of Nehru

Children Day 2011 4Children’s Day will be popularly celebrated in India on the 14th of November in the memory of the renowned figure and a self-determining freedom fighter in India, also the prime minister, named Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru. Children’s Day is thus celebrated in India to pay a tribute to the eminent figure, Nehru as his love for children was unconditional. Therefore, Children’s Day in India is celebrated on his birthday.

The special day in India is reminded to all the adults as well to renew their commitments which they should have towards the betterment and welfare of children. Also, to teach the children by educating them about the values of Nehru by which he lived his life, the dreams which he lived to make India a successful country.

In Hindi, Children’s Day is popularly known as “Bal Diwas”. It is celebrated for a good cause. This is a day of fun and frolic.

We can say this is a day of celebration of childhood in India. Many schools in India celebrate Children’s Day by carrying out different kinds of cultural programmes and mainly the students take part in its participation. Basically, all over Pakistan, various cultural, social, corporate, institutional based competitions take place especially for children. This is why school teachers in India also involve themselves in organizing the events for this special day. Teachers make sure that they are managing the performance of songs and dances for the children. There is an entire population of young children who take part in it. Many schools also take into consideration the downtrodden street children who do not get the privileges of life like many other lucky children. Street children are given shelter. They are also befriended with other fortunate kids who can give away their food and clothes so as to inculcate the sense of sharing in children. Such values are popularly promoted in India.

This day of celebrating Children’s Day in India focuses on giving the children the right to let them enjoy and also to nurture into strong and well-informed citizens of India. The children can be lucky enough if you’re taught values can make them grow into responsible and patriotic human beings as they grow up. The other scenario is that children can also end up being delinquent had it not being the celebration of the Children’s Day in remembrance of Nehru’s special values towards life.
Children’s Day is all about the child’s innocence and playfulness to enjoy the freedom of life as a child.

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