Michele Miglionico Haute Couture in Support of “Children’s Homes Foundation – Seychelles”

Michele Miglionico Haute Couture in Support of “Children’s Homes Foundation – Seychelles”

Michele Miglionico First Hotel ShootMiss Seychelles 2012 Sherlyn Furneau gives charm and beauty to her country to let people know the islands of the Indian Ocean and to support charity projects through Italian art and fashion with the contribution of stylist Michele Miglionico.

The Seychelles islands are not a common place but as the slogan says “another world”. Here you can live unique experiences: you can travel with your mind, your spirit is enriched and you can discover the innocence looking at a varied and lush nature. Amongst the local flora and fauna, pristine beaches and sea, tropical forests like those of Praslin and Curieuse where you can find the  Coco de Mer , unique in the world and declared UNESCO World Heritage Site.

We are not surprised that in the past people thought that this was the biblical garden of Eden.

Today the Seychelles are inhabited by friendly and peaceful people, born from the fusion of different ethnic groups. Also in this paradise, though, you can find unfortunate realities, like children in need that don’t live in poverty but are in need of care and attention.

The photographic project “Seychelles  Glam – Secret Garden – Walking in the Roman’s Beauties” was born as a charity project for the relief organization “Children’s Homes Foundation” strongly supported by the First Lady of the Seychelles Republic Mrs Natalie Michel and that has the aim of helping financially and socially the children in need and their families.

The promoters have believed from the beginning that the idea of combining fashion and territory could be a winning idea to enhance the exclusive union between the charm and natural beauty of the archipelago and the creativity of Haute Couture. They are two completely different heritages but they have in common the fact that they cannot be reproduced in different contexts: in other words, the Seychelles would not be the same in any other part of the world and the creativity and excellence of ‘Made in Italy’ have no equals.

Protagonist of the shooting was the newly elected Miss Seychelles 2012 Sherlyn Furneau shot by the fashion photographers Cinzia Carbonelli & Adriana Seganti.

To sustain this project Michele Miglionico and  Seychelles Tourism Board Italy  have thought of several special initiatives to create awareness of “Children’s Homes Foundation – Seychelles” involving the world of fashion, entertainment and sport for charity.

This is the reason why Michele Miglionico has created an essential t-shirt with iconic details of the latest collection autumn winter 2012 that is inspired by the graphic art of the African archipelago of the Seychelles with the slogan “Children of Seychelles – childhood should not be denied”.

The stylized pattern represents an open hand that recalls the gesture of giving help highlighting the opening towards those in need but also the refusal of children pain. Each finger of the hand has a colour of the Seychelles flag.

The stylized rose, floral pattern that is common in the creations of the stylist, is in a central position like Michele Miglionico, the centre of this charity project.

Also in this project Michele Miglionico wants to combine the glamour of fashion with projects of charity and social sustain to create a bridge between the African and the Western world in the name of the emancipation, independence and cultural diversity wishing to give support to the development of a society where children and families can feel loved, nourished and safe.

This project hopes to get also the sustain of visibility of the photographic work from the airline companies that connect the Seychelles (Emirates Airlines, Etihad Airlines, Qatar Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, Blue Panorama) with the publication of the images on the onboard magazines.

The photographic outfits have been realized with the support:

Montalbano & Di Loreto hair stylist for Compagnia della Bellezza

Yolly Leon make up artist using Mac Cosmetics

Chopard-Ginevra, haute joaillerie for the jewels in gold and diamonds of the collections Classica and Happy Diamonds

Monies for the jewels-sculptures in horn, bone, coconut, ebony and resin

Loriblu luxury shoes and clutch


Biblioteca Angelica Rome

Macro Museo Arte Contemporanea Rome

The First Luxury Art Hotel Rome

Antica Enoteca Rome

The event “Seychelles  Glam –  Secret Garden – Walking in the Roman’s Beauties”   took place in the establishment of the Minister of Culture Biblioteca Angelica – Galleria Angelica di Roma as a collateral event in the calendar of AltaRoma AltaModa.

“Children’s Homes Foundation – Seychelles” is a non-profit organization founded in 2006 by the First Lady of the Seychelles Republic Natalie Michel  and it has the aim of creating a society where children and families can feel loved, nourished and safe. 

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