Meet Sephi Bergerson Who Will Make You Fall in Love With Indian Weddings

Meet Sephi Bergerson Who Will Make You Fall in Love With Indian Weddings

October marks the onset of the wedding season in India. It is a month when most of the brides and grooms-to-be are revisiting a variety of things on their planning agenda to put together an affair of their lifetime. It is the same month when the designers and jewellers are launching their newest collections to tap in to the wedding fever.

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So, we thought of giving you a dose of inspiration in our way by introducing you to the world famous photographer Sephi Bergerson, and his book Behind the Indian Veil: A Journey Through Weddings in India. It is an extraordinary visual journey through uncharted wedding traditions in India.

Sephi’s journey through weddings in India:

Sephi’s journey through weddings in India

Preserving memories from your wedding is an important aspect today, and photographs are the best way to do so. In his book, Sephi has documented all the things he has witnessed in the Indian weddings in last 12 years. As Sephi says, and as you can observe through his range of work, he has indeed experienced, witnessed and documented a greater variety of Indian weddings than any other person on earth.

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As he has travelled the length and breadth of the country, his book features wedding images and stories from an array of communities, such as Tamil Brahmin, Bengali, Sikh, Hindu Punjabi, Hyderabadi Muslim, Rajput, Kashmiri Pandit, Ladakhi Buddhist, Goan Catholic, Syrian Christian, Zoroastrian Parsi, Dawoodi Bhora, and Kodava Coorg.

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An established documentary and travel photographer with more than twenty five years of experience, Sephi’s rich experience mixed with an eye for detail and the vast heritage India has to offer has culminated into a book that brings together the old traditions and new concepts to represent our country,

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India, in the best way possible. But, before the world sees the book in its physical format, the book needs your support. And, here is how you can help!

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The concept:

Sephi Bergerson has been working on this project for last six years. This amazing journey has been captured in more than 50,000 photos and experiences. This book reveals all the similarities and differences in various Indian wedding traditions. While rituals and celebrations maybe different, the grandeur and the array of colours are similar. This book puts forth the best of Indian traditions for the entire country and the world to see and relish.

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As Sephi says, “Your participation enables me to share traditions that may, one day, become so diluted they are lost forever. Too many of these rituals from one of the oldest cultures in the world have already become shortened into representations of what they used to be.” So, your contribution to his project will make the book come alive and be seen by all.

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The size of the book would be 10″x11″ with 144 pages and would be printed on high quality IRIS paper. The book itself will be available in high resolution PDF format and as high quality offset printed 10″x11″, coffee table book with 144 pages.

The grand Indian wedding book

wedding bookWould it not be exciting to see a book exploring Indian wedding traditions so beautifully being launched in New York, London and Rome?

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Making this dream a reality along with exploring some more exciting avenues like getting a key public figure to write the foreword, seem achievable with your collaborative effort.

How can you contribute?

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To publish this beautiful book just how Sephi has imagined, it would take about $42000 that includes the printing cost along with the shipping amount. What is also kept in mind while calculating the cost is the small buffer to enable some level of comfort in meeting those priorities mentioned above. So, Sephi is using the crowd funding  to reach out to people who would help him bring his book out by participating in his project.

If you cannot support financially, then sharing and passing around the link is as important because you just never know how someone somewhere can help.

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