Indulge in blissful summer therapies at iLa De Sva

Indulge in blissful summer therapies at iLa De Sva

Indulge in blissful summer therapies at iLa De SvaSummer is not just about slathering on sunscreens and hydrating yourself all the time; but also to rejuvenate yourself to beat the heat, relax and detox this season. Alleviate your senses with something luxe that spells sheer bliss for your overworked and sun burnt soul and get rid off work woes with iLa De Sva’s summer therapies.

Relax, renew and reward yourself with services that uplift your mind, body and soul; the exciting spa menu offers therapies tailor made to your requirement and therefore a consultation with the therapist is a norm at ILa De Sva. Rejuvenate & pamper your body with summer therapies recommended by the trained SVA therapists for men and women.

Satisfying the need for ageless and beautiful skin, iLa Sva recommends the in-house treatment for bright and glowing skin. A combination of SVACELLAGE Brightening Treatment and the SVACELLAGE TAPAS it is surely the best way to get rid of the tan this summer.

Commence your spa visit with an hour long SVACELLAGE Brightening Treatment– this therapy endorses exfoliation to combat dark circles and pigmentation on the skin. The naturally derived SVACELLAGE products are enriched with pigment inhibitors which brighten the skin. An ideal treatment for sensitive skin, it tackles the over active melanocytes (color creating cells) which develop sun spots and darker skin. Complete your ritual with the SVA Glow Scrub, a unique concoction of herbs, natural oils along with SVACELLAGE body cream which exfoliates the accumulated dead cells resulting in healthy glowing skin.

With a special spa ritual in store for men, the iLa De Sva advocates the Facial exfoliating with deep hydration to unwind. This hour long treatment in a calming environment with a blend of SVA Cellage products and specialized movements treats the environmental distress on the skin. Follow this up with SVACELLAGE TAPAS a half an hour ritual which involves relaxing and exfoliation of the skin with light brushing strokes. This natural exfoliation treatment detoxifies & removes dead skin cells thus improving circulation of blood and lymph. For smooth and healthy skin this summer a regular follow up of this treatment is recommended.

With 4 spa rooms, 2 bath rooms and one steam room, the spa is equipped with well-trained, friendly and efficient staff.

Treat yourself to blissful and summer friendly services at iLa De SVA this season & immerse yourself in the lap of luxury and emerge rejuvenated at ILA!!

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