Conquer the Sea & Sky with Breitling

Conquer the Sea & Sky with Breitling

Apart from the proud ‘1884’ coolly boasting a long history in horology, you see the letter ‘B’ with an anchor and wings. In Chandler Bing’s iconic manner, I’ve got to ask, could they be any more obvious? Starting out from a small Swiss workshop in 1884, Breitling’s journey through (and with) time has breached the far reaches of the skies and the seas. Aviation and nautical timekeeping has become Breitling’s undisputed forte. Breitling isn’t just a luxury watchmaker. Breitling is a scientist and innovator –literally, with the credit for inventing the world’s first chronograph sitting neatly in their many-feathered cap. The rest of Breitling’s story is etched deep into the history of horology.

Breitling merged sports, science, and luxury, to present a unique line of technically superior luxury watches meant especially for aviators and professional divers. The brand reputably crafts precision instruments ideal for scientific explorations. Such is the technical mastery and reliability of Breitling that it was the official supplier to world aviation. So, if you’re looking for a Breitling watch to conquer the seas and the skies, you’ve got to explore retail stores Ethos Watch Boutiques to find that perfect timepiece.

Conquer the Sea & Sky with Breitling

Breitling for Aviation

You simple don’t become official supplier to world aviation by chance’ boasts Breitling. No sir, you don’t! With their early inventions and innovations, Breitling watches’ changed the course of aeronautical explorations and went on to become the preferred choice among pilots and astronauts across the globe. Breitling’s superior craftsmanship and design offer great reliability, power and performance to aviation professionals. Fitted with cutting edge technology, these models feature functionalities like distress signals, dual frequency transmitters, antenna systems, flight plan calculations etc. Today, pilots have shifted to highly advanced electronic equipment, moving away from mechanical movement timepieces. But till date, the brand continues to manufacture timepieces inspired by aviation. Why, you may ask? Even though electronic equipment might offer more sound technology than mechanical timepieces, there’s something about a pilot watch that can never be replaced. It’s the same reason a vintage Benz might appeal more to the automobile connoisseur. It’s got history. It made history. And we’ll never forget that.

Here’s a peak at some all-time favourites:

Breitling Chronomat AB041012/BA69/383A

Breitling Chronomat

The inventive features and utility of the original Chronomat from 1941 made it one of the most sought-after pilot watches in its time. The collection evolved since, and today, culminates in this beauty. The Chronomat GMT is a niche model that celebrates the brand’s ties with the world of aviation.

Breitling Navitimer AB0210B4/C917/447A

Breitling Navitimer

A unison of the words ‘navigator’ and ‘timer’ gave birth to the legendary Breitling ‘Navimeter’ in 1952. Embedded with the ability to compute aerial navigation, climbing speeds, fuel consumption, etc. the Navimeter became a reliable tool for pilots. Now, over a half a century after its launch, the iconic Navimeter has only become bigger and better. The large 43mm dial is suited for easy legibility for pilots. I don’t know about you, but my heart just took flight looking at this stunner!

Breitling for Divers

Though known primarily for their links with aviation, Breitling’s nautical watches are equally impressive. With the ability to remain perfectly functional at up to 3000 metres underwater, dive watches are incredibly water and pressure resistant. Breitling’s nautical collections are built especially keeping professional divers in mind. Deep sea and scuba diving, snorkelling, swimming and all other intense water sports are a walk in the park with a trusting Breitling by your side. Check out these stunning dive watches by Breitling:

Breitling Avenger A1733110/F563/435X/A20BASA.1

Breitling Avenger

Living in an era of smartphones that conk off if even so much as a drop of water comes in contact, anything that’s mildly water-resistant impresses me easily. But a watch that’s water-resistant up to 3000 metres? Mind blowing! The Breitling Avenger II Seawolf is just as fierce as its name sounds. It is the penultimate professional grade divers’ choice.

Breitling Superocean A73310A8/BB72/160A

Breitling Superocean

We have the Superocean collection to thank for Breitling’s foray into nautical timekeeping. The line was first launched in the 1950s, and has eased its way to the top ranks of dive watches, today. The luminescent stick appliqués make telling time 2000 metres underwater easy as pie. The oversized 46mm dial serves up plenty of room to accommodate the model’s many features. Top it all off with the classy steel look, and you’ve got a sexy sea beast to conquer the great blue! Agreed, these masterpieces were originally crafted for pros, but surely even the common man just can’t turn down the lure of Breitling? The brand’s prowess has gained popular footing among non-professionals, as well. Today, Breitling watches are equally loved by pros, watch lovers and everyday gentlemen–so you can strap on a Breitling and confidently dive into the oceans, orbit the planet, show off your watch collection or walk in to your next big corporate meeting in style!

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