Christmas Renaissance Collection from Apala

Christmas Renaissance Collection from Apala

RenaissanceAng Christmas Renaissance CollectionRenaissance was rebirth of the world. For artists, this period was nothing less than a magical era when they were at the peak of their intellect. Brilliant art maestros emerged during Renaissance in Europe and changed the meaning of art and culture.

Sumit Sawhney, as an artist, as a designer, has always been fascinated by the magnificence of this era and the art movement it initiated. While Christmas has always been associated with Santa Claus and reindeers, Sumit Sawhney, jewelry designer and owner, Apala Innovative Jewelry, goes back to capture the essence of the cultural movement this Christmas.

Saint Nicholas, known as Santa Claus in popular culture, was a Greek saint. A kind hearted and benevolent soul, he was a messiah in the true sense and thus, he is still remembered for his good deeds. Taking inspiration from Saint Nicholas and his Greek connection, Sumit Sawhney has introduced his Christmas Renaissance Collection. The collection of enchanting jewelry tells the story of love and compassion. To celebrate the true spirit of Christmas, jewelry designer, Sumit Sawhney is presenting something different, something offbeat and something very close to his heart with the Christmas Renaissance collection.

 The Christmas infant Cherub angels bring peace, hope and joy with them. Floating around us and surrounding us with their positive aura, they take away pain and antipathy. Sumit Sawhney depicts the same hopefulness in the collection that is inspired by paintings of Italian Painter and architect, Raphael.  The attention to detail given by the designer to the jewelry clearly brings out the innocent expressions of the infant angels while the intricate work makes it a jewelry masterpiece. The angels and dragon flies used in rings and pendants are symbols of love and good luck, especially handcrafted with delicate care to give them intricate finishing. Also, the angels are made of sterling silver and 22 carat gold has been uses for all the pieces. On the contrary, Cherub angels have a contemporary touch; they symbolize an angel sitting on a cloud using green amethyst looking at us and contemplating how to help us. The reindeer hoop earrings celebrate the modern spirit of Christmas. As Santa’s entourage, reindeers contribute in making Christmas merry for the kids by carrying him everywhere.  All pieces have a 3D appearance unlike most jewelry items that are flat. In his attempt to create unique jewelry, Sumit has tried to give a scriptural character to the pieces that are not just beautiful designer jewelry but a work of art.

Based on these thoughts, the collection includes:

  • Angel on Coral Ring
  • Cherub Angel on Coral Ring
  • Christmas Dragon Fly Neckpiece
  • Contemporary Cherub Pendant
  • Renaissance Cherub Shell Neckpiece
  • Reindeer Hoop Earrings
  • Renaissance Cherub Shell Neckpiece

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