AIS Glasxperts Create Exquisite ‘Jewel Box’ for Tarun Tahiliani Couture Exposition 2012

AIS Glasxperts Create Exquisite ‘Jewel Box’ for Tarun Tahiliani Couture Exposition 2012

AIS Glasxperts to create ‘Jewel Box’- a design marvel in cutting-edge glass for Tarun Tahiliani Couture Exposition 2012

July 25th-28th, 2012 at DLF Emporio, New Delhi

Tarun Tahiliani Couture Exposition 2012‘The Jewel Box’, the very phrase conjures up images of precious possessions and treasured artifacts. And when the idea itself is so evocative, it needs an expression that surpasses imagination. Especially when the jewels to be showcased within, are Tarun Tahiliani’s exquisite bridal couture collection.

More than just a design marvel in glass, the upcoming exhibit area for the Tarun Tahiliani Couture Exposition 2012, is an ode to the possibilities of this most versatile of materials, an aid to the vision of the designer and the expertise of Glasxperts.

“It takes an artist to know another. So when Tarun Tahliani called in Glasxperts to bring out the true grandeur of the Jewel Box, our Glasxperts team took it as an opportunity, a challenge to do something path breaking, to create a design marvel to be treasured.” said Mr. Vikram Khanna, COO, AIS Consumer Glass, Asahi India Glass Ltd.

Even with a track record of executing some of the best lifestyle solutions in glass, the ‘Jewel Box’ represented a challenge like none other, given the timelines and the exacting design standards that had to be met. A cuboid of glass 14 feet in height, almost the height of a double‐storey glass building, the ‘Jewel Box’ was envisioned to add further embellishment to – and complement – Tarun Tahiliani’s couture creations to be showcased within.

Working in close partnership with Tarun Tahiliani design team, aesthetic imperatives met budgetary considerations; practical feasibilities were reconciled with artistic vision, as Glasxperts made possible the perfect harmony of form and function with its design and execution approach.

“The Glasxperts team will add a new dimension to my designs by providing a unique, avant‐garde setting. We have been working closely with Mr. Sumant Jayakrishnan, India’s premier installation artist who has created the seta modern day glass jewel box that’s being specially designed and will be fabricated tirelessly on ‐ site just days before the exposition.”

Said Tarun TahilianiWith its diverse glass products and solutions Glasxperts brought together the best execution experts and the best solutions in lass to bring the unique ‘Jewel Box’ exhibition area alive. An element of surprise waits at the ‘Jewel Box’, where you can experience the magic of Securityglas. Invited guests get to participate in ‘The Big Strike’ contest, which is a unique demo for people for whom ‘Seeing is believing’. Don’t forget the winner shall have his/her hands full of exquisite wonders.

The internal and external frameless walls of the ‘Jewel Box’ structure for the exposition is being made from AIS Clear Tempered Glass, delivering the perfect surface smoothness coupled with a sparkling surface and clarity of vision, which made it ideal for this application. One of the cabins that houses the mannequins features AIS’ unique Integrated Glass Unit – an insulated glass unit with in‐built motorized blinds sandwiched between the glass. Some of the cabins are made using Ecosense, the newest range of high‐performance glass from AIS. Inspired by nature, Ecosense is available in over 36 natural shades and designed to help make green buildings a reality and take architecture closr to a greener future.

Apart from these, Glasxperts also brought together products from AIS’ wide portfolio of glass products including AIS Décor lacquered glass, AIS Mirror that delivers distortion‐free reflections, AIS VUE windows, to name a few.

It would not be wrong to call the ‘Jewel Box’, the pièce de résistance in Glasxperts’ journey in glass so far. The ‘Jewel Box’ was not just a professional achievement for Glasxperts but represents a special personal milestone as well. The relationship between Tarun Tahiliani and Mr. Sanjay Labroo, MD, AIS is a long and cherished one. A relationship built on long‐standing friendship and a shared vision of making a difference to the world with design, passion and sincerity. While Tarun Tahiliani brings ideas to life in fabric, Glasxperts strives to do the same, but in glass – as being done with the ‘Jewel Box’!

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