5 Different Styles to Drape a Saree

5 Different Styles to Drape a Saree

There is more than one way to drape a saree, and following are five that you can experiment with either at your best friend’s wedding, a formal dinner or any other formal or semi-formal occasion you are invited to.

1. The lehenga drape

saree draping styles

This style, as the name suggests goes best for occasions like a maiyun, a mehndi or something of the sort. If you want to wear a lehenga but not exactly one, you can drape your sari like this.

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It is elegant and a little all over the place, but in a good way. It adds layer and volume to your saree and makes the drape look fancy and you feeling very comfortable.

2. The double drape

triditional saree draping

Another way to drape your sari is to double drape it. How so? Simple. All you have to do is give your finished sari look a single long drape and top that with a shorter drape. This also gives your saree a lot of volume and body and adds the aura of elegance to the wearer of the attire.

3. Bengali drape

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This saree draping style is particularly for those people who love to follow tradition and are going to a wedding that is following the Bengali tradition.

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Though it looks slightly casual, with the right kind of sari, this draping style can be fun and exciting and elegant and glamorous all at the same time.

4. Half saree drape

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Then another way of draping your saree is to half drape it. This can be done this drape is more focused on the back of the saree than the front to make the back and the fall look heavier and nicer. This is slightly difficult to carry but a gorgeous way of carrying a heavy saree.

5. Front pallo drape

saree draping ways

Lastly is an interesting draping style called the front pallo drape? This drape the pallo is wrapper around like it usually is, but is brought significantly to the front to showcase perhaps heavy sequencing or extensive embroidery on the front of the pallo.

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This can look very classy and elegant if pulled right and made to look fabulous.

How To Wear Saree Perfectly by fashioncentralindia

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