12 Crazy Reactions of Every Fawad Khan Fan Girls in India

12 Crazy Reactions of Every Fawad Khan Fan Girls in India

Did your mother just tell you she has a crush on Fawad Khan? Your female colleagues are probably head-over-heels in love with him too. You have to be living under a rock if you haven’t heard of Fawad Khan yet. In case you haven’t, don’t even try asking your female friends who he is – they may have more photos of Fawad Khan in their phones than their own.

The actor from across the border hasn’t even seen the release of his first Bollywood film in India but has amassed a huge fan following already, most of whom are predominantly female. Every other girl you’ll meet today is a self-proclaimed ‘biggest Fawad Khan’ fan. Girls have binge-watched his TV shows from Pakistan on YouTube.

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From Zoe to Zaroon, they know every part he has played in any TV show. Though he is a brilliant actor, all you’ll ever hear about him from his die-hard fan girls is how his jaw line is perfect and how his deep voice is no match to the depth you’ll see in his eyes.

fawad khan in bollywood

Are you a Fawad Khan fan girl? This is what you’ve already said a dozen times in the last two weeks.

Fawad Khan

Have you seen that beard?’ Isn’t his beard the most royal example of facial hair you’ve ever seen?

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 ‘My mom, boss, and sister, all love him!’ Every woman in your life loves him. You can totally dream about taking him home and impressing them all.

Fawad Khan on Humsafar Drama
‘His voice is so deep!’ You cannot concentrate on any other actor in the frame once Fawad Khan starts talking.

fawad khan Bio
 ‘I want to husband him.’ Because it is just the natural progression of relationship with your crush.

fawad khan pitcher
 ‘I read in an interview he wanted to be an aeronautical engineer. My dad will love him!’ Which father doesn’t like an engineer son-in-law in India?

fawad khan eyes

‘Look at his eyes.’ *Spend the next 5 minutes gazing into his romantic eyes*

fawad khan pics
 ‘Look at his jaw line!’ This is by far the most perfect jaw line you’ve ever seen.

fahad khan Singing

‘He was a singer? OMG.’ Fawad Khan once sang for a band called ‘Entity Paradigm’. You’re totally going to ask him to sing to you every night.

fawad khan beard

Do you like Zoe better or Zaroon?’ BOTH! Why is there even a choice?

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He’s shy?’ Awww! How you love shy boys now.

fawad khan photoshoot

Why do I have 130 photos of Fawad Khan on my phone?’ Oh, you downloaded every photo you saw on your phone.

fawas khan wife

‘He is married?’ *heartbreak all over India*

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