10 Most Attractive Things About People Wearing Glasses

10 Most Attractive Things About People Wearing Glasses

The days when people wearing glasses were teased and treated as outcasts are long gone. Back then, if you were wearing glasses, you were a nerd! But nerds are the cool thing to be today-just look at Mark Zuckerberg. Here are ten most attractive things about people wearing glasses.

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1. Wearing the right pair of glasses creates an intellectual air, even if you’ve majored in leisure studies.

kareena kapoor in glasses

2. They are windows to the soul. Nothing says ‘Look into my eyes, look into my eyes’ when a hot man is taking off his glasses in the bedroom.

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3. If he’s sporting his glasses, he doesn’t care about public opinion. He probably knows that what matters is the stuff that’s under the surface.

4. There is something charmingly, unwittingly sexy about someone who takes off their glasses and rubs the bridge of their nose, while thinking.

sonam kapoor in glasses

5. Or takes off the glasses and simply chews on one end of it, trying to focus.

6. What about that moment before you kiss someone, when you reach out to him/her and take their glasses off.

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7. Other people have clothes for all occasions. These people have glasses for various occasions. Seriously! Thick black lenses are hipster, small-wire frames are nerdy and coloured frames are for the creative rendezvous.

arjun rampal in glasses

8. They can turn the tide of a job interview and get the interviewer to take them seriously, because of their glasses. You just HAVE to listen to the opinion of the person with the glasses.

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9. When you have sex, you don’t have to feel self-conscious about your body because they probably can’t see too well without their glasses.kangana ranaut professional in Life

10. Even better, he won’t be able to see what you look like in the morning.


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