10 Delicious Indian Chicken Curry Recipes

10 Delicious Indian Chicken Curry Recipes

Cooking is no longer a task. It has transformed into an art where the spices are the colours we add to the canvas of our palette. And while experimenting with food leads to various innovative dishes that tickle our taste buds and senses, some traditional dishes have stood the test of time.

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Since chicken is a popular fare with non-vegetarians and the month of September celebrates this dish, we list 10 traditional Indian chicken curry recipes that you must try. After all, Indian spices make this much loved meat taste so scrumptious that it’s hard to resist.

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Chicken Vindaloo:

Chicken Vindaloo

This Goan specialty is a mix of fiery spices and good old chicken that culminate into a spicy yet irresistible meal.

Posola Chicken:

Posola Chicken

This traditional Assamese chicken curry that is flavoured with banana stem (known as posola in Assamese) is delectable. An authentic Assamese dish, it has a distinctive flavour that’s tantilising.

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Mangalorean Chicken Ghee Roast:

Roast Chicken curry

Chicken pieces sautéed in generous amounts of ghee and sprinkled with spices is a Mangalorean specialty.

Chettinad Chicken:

Chettinad Chicken curry

Scrumptious chicken pieces are marinated in a creamy mix of curd and spices to make this delicious chicken gravy. A specialty of Tamil Nadu, chettinad chicken is popular for its fiery flavour.

Murg Makhan Methiwala or Butter Chicken:

Methiwala Butter Chicken

Every restaurant may have their own recipe of the creamy butter chicken, but the popularity of  this North Indian speciality is synonymous with all.

Achari Chicken:

Achari Chicken curry

Soft chicken pieces cooked with the fiery spices of Indian pickle, or Achaar, is what this dish is all about. Surprisingly, chicken and pickle spices complement each other well to give a pungent yet pleasing flavour.

Mangalorean Kori Rotty: 

Mangalorean Kori Rotty curry

A traditional and simple chicken curry recipe, Managalorean Kori Rotty is easy to make and is flavoured with a generous dose of coconut.

Chicken Caffreal:

Chicken Caffreal curry

Another Goan specialty, Chicken Caffreal is made with a mix of cumin seeds, peppercorn, cinnamon and chilies, along with mint-coriander paste that lends its deep green colour.

Bengali-Style Chicken Curry:

Bengali-Style Chicken Curry

This bong-style Murgir jhol, or chicken curry, is an amalgamation of Indian spices and chicken cooked in a tomato-onion-based gravy.

Chicken Garam Masala:

Chicken Garam Masala curry

Cooked with rich garam masalas, this chicken is stuffed with flavours that are tantilising. It can be eaten with roti and rice and is a must-try.

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