Autumn Skin Care Tips for Women

Autumn Skin Care Tips for Women

Care for your beauty all year round; keep your hands to your face to skin all over your body this autumn by following these simple steps.

1. Buy a good hand cream

good hands cream

A good hand cream that is filled with moisture and a sun block should be generously applied not just on the hands but the entire body. The skin in the autumn tends to get a lot drier as compared to the other three seasons.

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Therefore it is essential that the skin be kept well-nourished and moisturized to avoid any such problems, despite the season.

2. Protect the skin on your lips

autumn dry lips tips

Who says the lips do not need protection? As a matter of fact they need more. The skin on the lips is twice as sensitive as the skin on the body. Using products that retain the natural pinkness of the lips is very essential in the fall because it is this season that can make your lips go dry and parched. Apply Vaseline or any other well based and high moisture content lip balm on your lips at all time.

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3. Do not use lotion, use a good cream

autumn face care

Lotion may be good for your skin but only for a certain instant therefore instead of using a lotion that will rub off your skin in the next twenty minutes after application why not use a cream? As compared to lotions creams last longer and are applied in lesser quantity. More so their moisture content is high and they do not rub off the skin until deliberately removed. So switch from a lotion to a good cream.

4. Use a scrub that is heavily moisturized

winter facial scrub

Too much scrubbing of the skin can make it dry, but just the right amount of scrubbing can do wonders to the skin. Take a scrub that is not too strong and has high moisture or has an oil base.

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So when you scrub your skin you may be ridding it of its unnecessary moisture but giving it the scrubs own moisture thus maintaining a cycle and keeping your skin fresh.

5. Do not use soap

women washing face

Lastly do not use soap for your face. Soaps can make the skin not only dry but they also remove all the nutrients and essential oils from the face. Use a good face wash in accordance to your skin type and make your skin look gorgeous despite the weather.

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