An Easy To Make Moisturising Lip Scrub For Those Stuck Without Products To Heal Dry Lips

An Easy To Make Moisturising Lip Scrub For Those Stuck Without Products To Heal Dry Lips

Folks, it’s chapped lip season, and we are all struggling to cope with the dry, peeling skin plaguing our pouts. Whether you try to seal the cracks with Vaseline or apply home remedies like ghee, such dry flakes just refuse to go away even if you moisturise, and keep coming back. So what does one do?

Why, you try our homemade lip scrub recipe, of course. Made entirely of natural, easy-to-acquire kitchen ingredients, this nourishing solution to dehydrated and flaky lips is sure to leave your pucker smooth and soft, that too without costing a bomb.

Ingredients needed

All the ingredients you need for this can easily be found in your kitchen, and are not expensive.

· One teaspoon ghee

· Half a teaspoon of pure honey

· Half a teaspoon of coconut oil

· One heaped teaspoon of small-grain sugar (like the kind you get in sachets at coffee shops or the size of grains in sugar cubes)

· A small tub, like an empty lip balm container

How to make it and store it

Making this scrub is really easy. You just need to take your small, empty container, and add all the ingredients in it. Then, close the lid properly and shake it, so that everything gets mixed. Once mixed, check to see if the consistency is smooth and thick, not runny. Due to inconsistency in the viscosity of oils like ghee and coconut oil, the texture can vary even if you follow the recipe. But fret not, because if it is runny, then add a pinch of sugar. If it’s too grainy, add a few drops of honey. Shut the lid and shake to mix it all again.

How and when to use it

This lip scrub is meant to be used when the skin on your lips is so cracked, that it is flaking or peeling off. Before using it, shake the container, and then take a pinch of product on your finger, and massage it onto dry lips without applying too much force.

With any scrub, it’s key that you massage for a long time, but gently. It’s not about scrubbing hard and fast. The longer and more softly you do it, the smoother skin will be. Applying too much force rips the skin, and doing a rushed job doesn’t give the moisturising oils enough time to seep into the skin.

After scrubbing, wipe off the scrub with a damp towel or tissue. You can also rinse it off with water, but be careful not to over-wash, or all the nourishing lipids will be stripped off. You can follow this up with a layer of lip balm for additional protection.

The benefits of this for the delicate skin on your lips

The skin on our lips is very thin, so we cannot use the scrubs we use on our rest of the body here, because that would be too harsh and drying for the lips. You need something moisturising and non-soapy for this, which is why a moisturising scrub is what you need, so that it removes flakes and gets rid of dryness.

The basic function of a scrub is to exfoliate manually with the help of granules suspended in a thick liquid base, and this does that. But, the reason we use the ingredients we do for this, is more than just for scrubbing off flakes—it’s also got to do with maintaining the moisture of the lips, and getting rid of the roughness.


Honey and sugar are humectants, which mean they’re great for drawing moisture to the skin, and make it plump by keeping it moist.


To seal in that hydration, we have lipids like coconut oil and ghee, which help fortify dry skin with their oils, thereby nourishing brittle and damaged skin tissue which feels rough. This helps make the skin on your lips smooth and silky.

Why should I use this instead of a store-bought lip scrub?

Most lip scrubs are very expensive for what they are. This scrub does exactly what any other lip scrub would, but minus any harsh chemicals, skin-irritating fragrance (nothing burns cracked lips like scents!), or a hefty price tag. Plus, it can easily be stored in the fridge and re-used, so you don’t even have to worry about wastage or it going bad, like in the case of other homemade skincare remedies.

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