5 Ways to Even Out Your Skin Tone

5 Ways to Even Out Your Skin Tone

Getting your skin tone right is a crucial part of your everyday make-up routine. The trick is to make it appear as if you are not wearing any make-up at all. Here’s how you can sport a flawless and a blemish-free skin tone.

5 Ways to Even Out Your Skin Tone

Wake your skin up with tea

Drinking tea early in the morning is said to be one of the best ways to get rid of puffiness or bloating. Ginger and peppermint are also known to help get rid of the baggyness. Alternatively, if you do not like drinking tea, squeeze some fresh lemon n warm water and drink up — this will also help reduce the puffiness on your face.

Exfoliate your skin

It is extremely important to scrub your face at least twice every week, so that dead skin cells that muck up the surface of your skin are removed. Moreover, exfoliating your skin will also ensure that it does not look dull. Dermatologist Dr Aparna Santhanam says, “Without proper exfoliation, your foundation will not have a smooth canvas to spread evenly, thereby making it look dull and uneven. You can also get rid of dead skin cells with the help of microdermabrasion, chemical peels, or beta alpha hydroxy pads.”

Prep your skin

Before you apply make-up, make sure that you use a primer or an SPF. If you directly use a foundation or tinted moisturiser, your face can appear dull within a few hours.

Cover up spots and blemishes

Make sure that you blend your make-up well while applying it. If you have dark circles, apply a few dots of creamy concealer under your eyes and acne spots and blend it well into your face. Remember to pat it and not rub. Beautician Nisha Mulchandani says, “Before you apply make-up on your face to hide the dark patches and blemishes on your skin, always remember to wash your face with cold water. This will close the open pores on your face, making you skin look clearer. You can also alternatively rub ice cubes to cool down your face and also help let the make-up sit well.”

Illuminate your skin well

Apply a sheer highlighting powder under your eyes and down your nose for a brightening effect. Contour your face well so that your best features stand out. This will also help create a natural, slimming and flattering shape for your face. While illuminating your skin, you should also make sure the kind of foundation or compact powder that you are selecting, keeping the season in mind.

How to brighten your face

To make sure that your skin does not develop sun burns, rashes or pigmentation marks, do not expose your skin to direct sunlight. Make sure that you drink at least eight to ten glasses of water on a daily basis. Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. You can also apply a papaya face mask to lighten your skin. Make-up is there to add to your natural beauty. To ensure a healthy skin, you can opt for vitamin supplements and also have flaxseed, fish oil and grapeseed extract to brighten your face. Drinking a glass of carrot or pomegranate juice early in the morning on an empty stomach will make aid your bowel movement. Proper digestion will also ensure that you have a soft, smooth and even skin.

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