5 Secrets to Dewy, Glowing Skin

5 Secrets to Dewy, Glowing Skin

5 Secrets to Dewy Glowing SkinNot if you know these tricks anyway. Here are the secrets for a gorgeous glowing skin:

  • Apply Moisturizer

Dry skin isn’t the definition of glowing skin. You should always apply your moisturizer when your skin’s still wet to help lock in your body’s already-there moisture. The secret for women with dry skin should opt for an oil-based moisturizer, while those with oily complexions do best with water-based lotion

  • Relax Your Facial Skin

Stress damages the upper layer of skin, meaning it becomes more susceptible to things like rashes, breakouts and a slack appearance. Skin cells and lipids diminish for those who no longer have a glowing skin, thus allowing more dirt and bacteria to get under the surface.

The most essential secret is to light up your day — and your face — with some relaxation techniques to combat stress like ask your hubby to help more around the house or go get a message, which has the double benefit of helping you chill out, and thus this will earn you a lush glowing skin.

  • Skin Preserving Creams

Smear a bit of a cream with a natural sheen like Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream or Rosebud Lip Salve on your cheekbones to preserve your glowing skin. Whether it’s the wrong cleanser or foundation using the wrong products on your face will do nothing for a glowing skin.

  • Don’t Use Harsh Soaps and Masks

Using harsh soaps and masks and washing too often isn’t the secret for a glowing skin. People need to is cleanse twice daily with a gentle, non-foaming face wash for healthy, glowing skin. An important secret is to follow up with a vinegar-based toner and moisturizer after washing.

  • Eat well

Anti-oxidants and omega-3 acids have been proven to increase radiance and earn a glowing skin. You may not realize it, but what you put into your body shows up on your face. If you’re diet isn’t crap, you will have a glowing skin. Strive to eat at least five servings of fruit and vegetables each day in addition to eight glasses of water.
As you age, your body and skin’s ability to bounce back from things like sleep deprivation dwindles, leaving you with dark under-eye circles and dull-looking skin and hit the sack early at night for a glowing skin!

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