Tips to Make Your French Manicure Last Longer

Tips to Make Your French Manicure Last Longer

Tips to Make Your French Manicure Last LongerNails that are well kept and finished with French manicure add a flirty and trendy look to a personality. A French manicure remains hit for all seasons and it looks great on any occasion, formal or casual. But something that we all dislike about a French manicure is that it wears off quite quickly, quicker than a normal nail polish or it loses its shine and luster within two or three days.

Therefore, in order to fight of this problem, we have come up with a few tips and tricks which you can follow to make your French manicure last longer.

  • Top Coat Retouch

In order to keep your French manicure for longer, after two or three days, apply a thin layer of the top coat. This will not only help in keeping your French manicure but it will also help in bringing shine and protecting the French Manicure for bubble formation and chipping off of the edges.

  • Avoid Body Creams and Lotions

When you are wearing a French manicure, avoid the use of body creams and lotions around the nails. If you intend to apply lotion or body cream, then make sure you do not apply on your nails that have French manicure. Body creams and lotions reduce the shine and glossy effect of the French manicure way faster than regular.

  • Wear Socks

The French manicure on toes is easier to protect as compared to French manicure on the hands. Protect the French manicure on toes by wearing socks so that you can keep it for longer and flaunt your feet easily when you want to wear sandals and flip flops.

  • Olive Oil

Another great way to protect your French manicure and make it last longer is to apply a little bit of olive oil on the cuticles. It helps in keeping the nails look shiny and the cuticles remain healthy too.

  • Emergency Kit

For emergency chip offs, it is best to keep a clear and a white nail polish of the French manicure in your handbag so that you can retouch your nails whenever needed. It is the best option in emergency situations.

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