Tips to get Beautiful Nails

Tips to get Beautiful Nails

Tips to get Beautiful NailsBeautiful hands with shinning beautiful nails are the positive edge and enhance the charm of a personality. Well-manicured and beautifully styled nails can be considered as an accessory in the beauty of woman. Healthy and beautiful nails not only depict your personal hygiene but also the state of health you have, like your eyes etc.

As the pale color of eyes shows the deficiency of Red Blood Cells and the symbol of Anemia, pale color of nails also show the anemic body, Blue color of nails indicates that the circulation of blood in your body is not normal, White spots in your nails indicates the deficiency of vitamins and minerals in your body and thin and weak nails shows the deficiency of essential proteins and calcium in the body.

Tips for Beautiful and healthy nails:

  • Keep your nails dry and clean. For the hygiene of the hands and nails, a normal man should wash hands for 8-10 times a day with clean water and hands should be dried to avoid the fungal diseases of nails and nail weakening problems.
  • Do not expose your nails while using detergents and other chemicals, which can also be responsible of pale color of your nail. Use gloves during dish washing and washing the clothes.
  • Massage with almond oil and remove the dead cuticles daily from softly from stick. Avoid the use of metals for this purpose.
  • Dip your nails in lemon juice for nails strengthening, and apply hand lotion daily for the nail and hand care.
  • Avoid use of nail paint daily, to supply the oxygen and apply excessive use of nail paint remover especially acetone products.
  • Use proper diet containing proteins (egg, meat), Calcium (milk), & Vitamins especially the Vitamin “C”. Vitamin A and E are also essential for nail’s health.
  • To avoid the problems of feet nails, change your socks daily, keep your nails clean and dry and apply cream and lotion daily at night.
  • Avoid nail biting.

How to Style your nails:

Clean, well trimmed and buffed nails are looked attractive. Shinny pink, smooth and nails without any spot can be said healthy nails.

Now a day, nail art becoming very popular in ladies which also provide an elegant look to them and show their aesthetic sense. Several Nail arts patterns are normally available in sites which can be wear easily by ladies, and ladies can easily adopt these nail arts by making these patterns by using different stunning nail colors. Dark shades including royal blue, pure black, red, electric green and yellow are in fashion especially black and royal blue tones can be used with any color outfits, metallic shades like copper, silver and gold also give you glamorous look, light colors according to outfits can be also used.

Beautiful and styled nails provide you an elegant look and beautifully styled nail arts make your personality attractive and a noticeable change in your charming accessories of your personality and healthy nails are also very important for your good health. So, take good care of your nails and stay healthy.

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