Nail Color Trends For Fall 2012

Nail Color Trends For Fall 2012

Nail Color Trends for Fall 2012With the change in the season, you change your wardrobe; and with that, your accessories collection also needs to be updated. The accessories collection for your new wardrobe is not complete without a new collection of nail colors.

Latest nail color trends 2012 have colors that match everyone’s style. There beautiful new colors cannot be resisted.

Nudes, Pinks and Beiges

This color family is the most popular and always in fashion. These colors are equally good for women of all ages and can be worn for all occasions. Although women prefer them in summers; but they are a must for fall nail color trends as well. The best thing about this color family is that it goes with all skin tones they match almost all styles and colors of clothes.


Blue is the electrifying color that attracts the attention instantly. It looks wonderful on your beautiful manicured hands. There are many shades and tones in Blue that can match anybody’s style. This exotic color is really good for formal evenings in the fall and winter seasons. It gives a warm feel and looks wonderful with formal evening gowns.


This is one color that goes with all skin tones, which makes it hot favorite for the nail color trends 2012. All women wear maroon to give a luxurious look. This hot color is a wonderful nail color for all occasions in fall season 2012. It particularly goes with navy blue and black. Wear it for your formal evenings with other accessories to give a more elegant and luxurious look. It instantly makes your hands note able.

Electric silver

This is the latest in nail color trends 2012. This is another exotic color that goes with all skin tones and gives an instant glow to your hands. A vibrant silver color goes with everything in your wardrobe and gives a boost to your overall look along with other accessories.


Green is among those colors that you need to choose very carefully. There are many shades of green that can go with different skin tones. But mostly, lime green is really popular color for latest nail color trends. It looks great for all occasions and especially for formal evenings. However, it also very well goes for casual occasions on sunny days in fall and winter season.

Nail Art

Whatever color you choose, you can add life to it by applying some nail art to it. Nail arts have a lot of variety and they really look warm and hot when accessorized properly with other items. They also need to be matched correctly with your clothes or it will ruin the whole look and will turn it into a fashion disaster.

Polka dots: Add a nice elegant look to your nails with tiny polka dots on it. You can make as many color combinations as you can for latest nail color trends. You can match this art with your clothes to give it a more blended look. Polka dots can be added to any plain nail color of your choice.

Floral: If you want to play with your creativity while having the ultimate feminine look, then floral patterns in your nail art is the answer. They look wonderful and draw instant attraction.

Water color effect: Give your nails a water color effect with different nail colors and enjoy a funkier look. It will give your nails a warm and colorful look to make you feel more luxurious.

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