Make Your Pedicure Last Longer

Make Your Pedicure Last Longer

Make Your Pedicure Last LongerThe fashion of pedicure nails never goes out. Now days women are more aware so they go to the saloon and get the pedicure done regularly. Some women are unaware of the fact that how they can make their pedicure last longer, so we have some tips follow them.

Women’s loves to go to the saloon and get the pedicure done.  Pedicures look very elegant and yet stylish too. It gives a neat effect to the toes and makes you feel pleasant.  In summer pedicure nails looks best.  Pedicure nails also look good on parties and at the weddings; they give a shine to the foot.
It is very provoking to spend a huge amount of money on getting the pedicure and only one day pass and the pedicure nail get chipped off.  One should know a few tips that how can this pedicure can last longer so have a look at the tips:

1. The very important tip which women usually don’t take care of it is that when you have pedicure nails then make sure that you wear those shoes or heels in which toes are safe otherwise if toes are tight then there is no chance that pedicure will last longer.

2. When you have pedicure nails than avoid going to swimming because the chlorine in the swimming pool can damage your pedicure. Chlorine is a chemical and it can break down the nails easily.

3.  To have a long lasting pedicure you should avoid using the nail polish removers. The nail should be purely free of oil and remover contains a lot of oil and using this remover nail become slippery and it increases the chances to ruin your pedicure.

4. Before getting the pedicure always make sure that the files you are using should be made up of crystal, as metal files are very harsh.

5. The other important tip before starting the pedicure is choosing the base color and toe color. Make sure that the base and toe color is of one brand, this is a secret because this way it will work best. The base coat should be good and shiny. If you chose the colors wisely half of your pedicure is done.

6. When you are getting the pedicure done make sure that never ever paint in a draft as this can increase the chance of bubbles.  Make sure that where you are sitting the room is cold.  

7.  Make a request to the professional that coats the ends of the nails every time applying the new coat.

8.  Try to use nail wraps as they are very effective and easy.

9. Always make sure to use a drying accelerator, as they are very helpful. These accelerators make sure the long lasting of pedicure and it also makes the nail hard in a little time.

10.  After getting the pedicure done, don’t wear any sorts of sandals or sock because you may feel that polish is dry but actually it’s not. If you have to walk than walk without slippers.

11. The best shoes to wear if necessary are flip flops.

12.  If you want to make your pedicure fresh and long lasting than you must use cuticle oil daily. When you will use this oil you will feel that the pedicure is fresh and you have a saloon feeling.

13. Don’t wear socks for at least 10 to 12 hours after the pedicure.

14. Make sure that you moisturize your nails daily after the shower. As facial skin needs moisturizer, same is the case with the toes. A moisturizer will hydrate the skin and toes will remain soft and smooth.

15. After one week of pedicure make sure that you apply a clear coat of nail polish, it is necessary as it will avoid the chance of chipping. You can also use some glittery nail color on the damaged or cracked pedicure nail, this way the pedicure will last longer.

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