How to Care for Your Nails at Home

How to Care for Your Nails at Home

When we talk about personal care and grooming, Nail Care is important for a great personality. Suppose a women has applied the perfect makeup and dressed in the most fashionable clothes, but has been careless about her nails, what would she look unkempt right?How to Nails CareTherefor it is important for every woman to take that extra care when it comes to her nails Each of our nails is made up of six parts. The nail fold is the ridge of skin around the nail. The part we can see and normally call a fingernail is called the nail plate. Beneath the nail plate is the nail bed, which nourishes the nail. Thathalf-moon shaped area at the base of your nail is called the lunula, and its part of the nail matrix. the nail matrix is at the base of each nail, although you can’t see it. It’s below the cuticle; a fold of skin made of dead cells that keeps bacteria from getting in. the matrix makes the cells needed to grow your nails.

Let’s start with at home remedies for brittle, broken nails.Fingernails normally grow at the rate of 1/8th inch a month, approximately 2 or 3 times faster than toenails A nail spa sounds like very posh and expensive salon treatment but actually it is an out an out simple thing to have at home. If you have no time to go to lounges of spa for an appointment or pay heavy amount for a simple nail treatment then the best option for you is to have a spa at home.The home remedies for nails that you have been trying might just work better if you have a few ingredients in place Here are the basic things you need to have in order to set up a nail space in the privacy of your home.

Things you Need for a Nail Spa

Two Porcelain Bowls

Round Pebbles

Hot and Cold Shower

Cuticle Cream

Soap Solution

Nail Grooming Equipment

Pumice Stone


Sea Salts

Aromatic Oils


First of all clean your nails with acetone. It will take care of the left over Nail Polish and any dirt plastered on your nails Cut and file your nails appropriately; remove in growth if any because it leads to ugly deformed nails. Remove the lose skin peeling off from the sides of your nails gently because if it gets pulled out in the process of cleaning it will hurt Then apply cuticle cream on your nails generous just like they do in your manicure and pedicure sessions at spas.You can also apply some on your feet and hands to exfoliation.

Now fill up the bowls with warm waterand dissolve sea salt and soap solutions in it.The pebbles should be kept at the bottom of the bowls to comfort your feet and hands. Soak your feet or hands in the water for 10 minutes. The sea salts will exfoliate your skin Scrape off the cuticle cream with a fine scraper and clean your feet. The pumice stone in your home spa is for rubbing the back of your feet and removing dead skin cells.

Wash off the soap and lather with cold water to relax all your senses completely. Massage aromatic oils on to the freshly washed skin to soften it and keep it supple This entire exercise should take not more that 20 to 25 minutes. You can surely spare half hour for yourself and your nails Use these simple tips to get right results and great and beautiful nails at home.

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