10 Ways to Grow Long,Strong Nails

10 Ways to Grow Long,Strong Nails

Just like any other human body part, fingernails also represent an individual’s general state of health. It is highly important to take care of your nails and protect them from damage. Strong nails reflect an individual’s hygiene and fitness.

Changes in the nail, such as discoloration or thickening, can represent health problems, including liver and kidney diseases, heart and lung conditions, and anemia and diabetes. Nowadays, nail care is considered as a special skill among girls and there are several methods to grow long, strong and shiny nails.

Fingernails History:

Strong nails represent our overall health condition. However, in older times, fingernails seemed to represent an individual’s status and cultural trends. According to some fashion historians, it is believed that in 1980s, an impression togrow long nails represented wealth and leisure.With changing fashion, trends to grow long nails changed, popularizing the shorter, well-manicured look. However, it depends on your own choice. Let’s discuss that how women can keep strong nails and make them grow long?

10 WaysTo Grow Long, Strong Nails:

1.    Keep Your Fingernails Dry And Clean
For strong nails, it is important to keep them clean and dry. This prevents bacteria and other organisms from growing under your fingernails. Cleanliness also gives your nails more shine and makes it grow long. It is advised to wear rubber gloves when washing dishes, and avoid long soaks in the tub.

2.    Trim And File Your Fingernails Regularly
Take care of your nails by regular trimming and filing.Strong nails are easier to maintain, just by a little care. Use sharp scissors or clippers for trimming. First trim straight across, then round the tips in a gentle curve. Regular trimming and filing helps to keep you nailsstrongand makes it grow long faster.

3.    Use Moisturizer
Fingernails strength lies in its firmness. One cannot have strong nails, if they are dry and dull in shape. Use a moisturizer for your hands, on daily basis. Rub it gently on your fingernails and cuticles. It helps to keep your nail ground smooth, prevents nail dryness, hence makingyour desire to grow longand shining nails achievable.

4.    Don’t Mishandle Your Fingernails
Nails are alive just like other body organs. Strong nails can swiftly become weaker, due to lack of care and your bad habits. We often use our fingernails as tools to pick, or pry things. This results in nail injuryandcan damage nail bed. Even a minor cut alongside your fingernail can allow bacteria to cause an infection. Weakening of the nail bed can’t help to make nails grow long. So it is advised to avoid all bad habits, including nail biting etc.

5.    Notice Nail Problems
If you have a nail problem, consult your doctor for successful evaluation.Your doctor will explain about strong nails look, healthy nail color, and measurements to make them grow long. If you have itching, burning, or any allergic reaction to a nail cosmetic, then again it is good to see your dermatologist.

6.    Nail Safety On Visiting A Saloon
Most nail salons follow strict sanitation guidelines, but make sure that the manicure stations, and equipmentis clean, and technicians wash their hands between clients.Don’t let a nail technician cut your cuticle. It might allow an infection to develop.

7.    Observe Nail Growth
Strong nailsgrow faster.On average, fingernails grow 3.5mm per month. Our nails usually grow long with age, time of year, activity level, and heredity.Nail growth is affected by disease, nutrition, medications, fever, and the aging process. Keep a close eye on these symptoms to maintain healthy fingernails.

8.    Know The Type Of Your Nails
It is important to understand your fingernails type.

Normal: means have no flaws
Dry: apply olive oil on nail and cuticle twice a day and massage it.
Brittle: means your nails are too stiff and need moisture.
Damaged: means your nails split, crack, nevergrow long. This may be due to a health problem.
Soft: means your nails have too much moisture.Remember to wear gloves while washing.

9.    Drink Water
Drinking excessive water and taking multi-vitamins helps to speed up nail growth, keeps the moisture in, and makes your nails strong.

10.    Apply More Than One Coat Of Nail Polish
It simply stops chipping and will make your nails look stronger. Another way to stop chipping is to apply some nail polish on the tip of your nail. Also, add a fresh top coat daily to your manicure.

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