Makeup Tips for Sweating Face

Makeup Tips for Sweating Face

Summer brings a lot of sun and a lot of trouble with itself. For women the biggest trouble is how to retain their makeup when their face is a pool of perspiration. With shining beads of sweat sweep down a woman’s face she has to rush to the powder room every five seconds to ensure there are no raccoon eyes where once her sexy Smokey ones were.

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melting makeup

What they do not know are just a few simple and key tips that will help them look gorgeous while still dealing with the sweating drama all summer.  The very first thing to do is follow the given few tips that will help you looking hot in the blazing sun and make you feel comfortable in your own skin and clothes despite the sweat. The first thing to do is make sure you do not even have smokey eyes. Smokey eyes are a very winter thing to do with long and furry coats whereas when you are stripped down in the summer it is best to go light. With a well sun blocked and moisturized face with the perfect balance nothing will come melting off with the sweat. Go light with the amount of product you put on your face and you will not be worried.

Most important is to ensure that you maintain that perfect skin balance with the best kind of face powder. A good face powder sucks up the sweat without making your face look too overdone and cakey. Get a good face powder and dust off your perspiring skin for a well-toned and lighter persona. Next up is to make sure your makeup is not too dark. Too dark a makeup especially done with tones of eye liner and mascara has to follow certain rules in the summers.

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Both products should be waterproof. This makes sure that with a little bit of sweat on your face your eyes don’t become a puddle of epic blackness and stay set and still throughout the day. Go for waterproof products for your eyes to let them looking hot despite the temperature of the day. Also to give your eyes a further boast you can also prime your eyes.

This also maintains a perfect balance and allows the sweat do slide off without causing any damage to you effortlessly gorgeous face. When they say go light in summers, it means everything, from your skin tone to your eyes all the way down to your lips. A dark lipstick can make your face look sticky and dirty, so opt for something young, fresh, trendy and light. Something that brings out the natural pinkness of your lips without letting it stick at places. Similarly you should use a good primer all over your face; a good primer can do wonders in the summer.

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This is most important if you are using a wet base. The primer lets it stay set even if you are perspiring throughout the day and keeping your base set meanings keeping every product on your face in its place. So go light, follow the above tips and enjoy the summers heartily.

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