Makeup Tips for Humid Times

Makeup Tips for Humid Times

Makeup Tips for Humid TimesHumid time means extra care for the makeup you use because normal makeup will not stay on your face and will start to melt and smear because of the heat and humidity.

Getting the right makeup for humid times is always a hassle and a lot for work and humidity will keep messing it up for you. For times like these you need t pay extra attention and care on the type of makeup and a few tips on how to apply the makeup which will stay on you even in the heat and humidity without you having any worries of it getting messed up.

Humidity will cause your eye liner to smudge, your hair will either frizz up and get flatten or your eye shadow will look creased. This is a situation which confuses a lot of ladies about what to do. Well worry not fellow ladies because I present with few tips for using which type of makeup and how to apply them which will make it stay on your face regardless of the humidity and heat.

  • The first tip for using makeup in humid times is to avoid makeup products which contains oil because it will give the worst possible outcome as it will become greasy in humidity.
  • Waterproof makeup is always the choice when it comes to humid times like you should use waterproof mascara and eyeliner which will remain un-affected in humidity and will stay intact for much longer compared to normal makeup.
  • Before applying the makeup it would be best to use a makeup primer as it will conceal and smooth out the fine lines and uneven skin texture. But before using a primer, be sure to use a cleanser followed by a moisturizer. Apply the primer after letting the moisturizer dry and apply it with an applicator sponge.
  • Liquid and cream foundations are thick and heavy and will give a look of melting in the heat and humidity. However you can use an oil-free tinted moisturizer as these are thin and allow the skin to breath along with helping to even out skin tone.
  • Applying an oil free concealer will cover up any marks or discoloration on the skin and it can also be used to cover up your dark circles.
  • Dusting your face with powder can also be helpful in absorbing the oil and moisture. For that purpose you can use a large brush with loose or pressed powder and dust it on your face. It will keep your face from shining.
  • Apply light and thin layer of powder eye shadow instead of using a cream eye shadow with an applicator brush. Powder eye shadows last longer as compared to cream eye shadow but this will only work if it thin and light.
  • Wax-based pencil eyeliners tend to smear in humidity. To avoid the eyeliner to smear, use liquid eyeliner as they are resistant to humidity.
  • It is important to keep oil-blotting papers with during these humid times because you will need them when your skin starts to look shiny. Use them to soak up oil and sweet. You can also dust your face with powder if you feel like applying it.

These were the few of the tips and techniques for applying makeup and making it stay put on your face without melting or smearing in humidity and heat. Follow these tips, look good and feel good.

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